07/25/2022 Limerick “How To” III   5 comments

David McCord

Here are the final limericks in Mr. McCord’s limerick construction primer. I thoroughly enjoy reading the work created by such an intelligent man who enjoys his love of poems and limericks as I do. His non-limerick poetry is also outstanding as you will see.


It’s been a bad year for the moles

Who live just in stockings with holes;

And bad for the mice

Who prefer their boiled rice

Seved in shoes that don’t have any soles.


There once was a man in the Moon,

But he got there a little too soon.

Some others came later

And fell down a crater,

When was it? Next August? Last June?


I don’t much exactly quite care

For those cats with short ears and long hair.

But if anything’s worse

It’s the very reverse:

Just you ask any mouse anywhere.



So, by chance it may be you’ve not heard

Of a small sort of queer silent bird.

Not a song, trill, or note

Ever comes from his throat.

If it does, I take back every word.


And last but not least.

Write a limerick now. Say there was

An old man of some place, what he does,

Or perhaps what he doesn’t,

Or isn’t or wasn’t.

Want help with it? Give me a buzz.


I heard my first limerick when I was about 7 years old when I was eavesdropping on my father and one of his friends. I heard my dad recite this little gem. My love of limericks was born!

There once was a lady from Wheeling

She had one helluva feeling.

She laid on her back

And opened he c***k

And p****d all over the ceiling.



5 responses to “07/25/2022 Limerick “How To” III

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  1. This was really funny. Since when did you ever feel the need to censor yourself? πŸ˜±πŸ˜…

  2. Nice post πŸ˜„βœ¨οΈ

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