10/13/2022 “More Retro Limericks”   Leave a comment

I love reading limericks written in a totally different time and place. Today’s selection is from the war years in England. Even with all of the violence and mayhem going on they took time to maintain a sense of humor. Thank god for sex and it’s related activities, it’s all they had.



There was a young lady named Nelly

Whose tits could be joggled like jelly.

They could tickle her twat,

Or be tied in a knot,

And they could even swat flies on her belly.



There was a young man from Narragansett

Who colored his prick to enhance it.

But the girls were afraid

That ere they get laid

T’would lose all its color in transit



A detective named Ellery Queen

Has olfactory powers so keen,

He can tell in a flash

By the scent of a gash

Who its previous tenant had been.



19There was a young girl named Regina

Who called in a water diviner,

To play a slick trick

With his prick as a stick,

To help her locate her vagina.



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