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10-24-2014 Journal Entry – Rain, Rain, Go Away!   Leave a comment

It’s just another rainy, crappy, and gray October day here in Maine.  It’s a great day to stay in the warm house and to catch up on a million things I’ve been putting off.  With that in mind the cat and I retired to the man-cave to relax, watch a little TV, and work on the computer.  My better-half has the day off and is  enjoying herself in the kitchen.  She’s baking cookies, talking on the phone with family members, and preparing Halloween treats for mailing to her kids.  It looked like a great day was in the making for both of us.


Just as I was finally beginning to relax  my better-half popped into my inner sanctum for a visit.  She gave me a kiss and an even bigger hug which while appreciated also told me something was up.  She intended to take a short shopping trip and was hinting around for a traveling companion.  Before I knew it I was changing my clothes and preparing to face the outside world.


The traffic was heavier than anticipated and people were driving badly as always seems to be the case  when the rains come.  After traveling for a few minutes she decided the trip would be shortened from three stops to just one.  I assumed it was because of the rain but it may have been due to all of my swearing and cursing at passing motorists.  We arrived at the store, parked, and began walking towards the entrance.  Almost immediately the sky opened up and the rains came.  I didn’t realize I could still run that fast but I did.  As we entered the store I was told in no uncertain terms that this was to be a short power shopping visit for just a  few essential items  . . .  Yeah right!  Forty-five minutes and a full shopping cart later we were on our way towards the door. We could see through the front windows that  the rain was coming down even harder than before.  I was convinced to bring the car around to the front door where I could pick up her majesty.  I reached the car, drove it to the entrance of the store, and we loaded the groceries into the trunk.  We were wet and uncomfortable and  I could’t wait to get home.


It was more of the same during the drive home.  I wish I had a dollar for every horn I heard honking and every finger I saw  thrown in anger.  It’s amazing to me how people from Maine can drive normally in two feet of snow and  a blizzard but can’t deal with a moderate amount of rainfall.  I found myself wishing for snow for just a moment but then good sense prevailed.


We arrived home and quickly pulled into the garage to get out of the rain.  Within seconds of unloading the first bag of groceries I looked outside and the rain had stopped completely.  It never fails . . .



09-17-2013   Leave a comment

Fall has officially arrived here in Maine and I can tell because it’s six in the morning, I’m sitting in the living room and I can see my breath.  We normally wait until October to turn on the heat and this year will be no different. With the cost of heating oil being what it is we’re forced to suffer with some cold temperatures for a few more weeks.  We actually covered what was left of our garden last night due to the anticipated frost that our expert weather people are calling for.  For a change they were spot on.

I’ve always been adamant about not liking hot weather and that hasn’t changed much over the years.  The worst part for me is the short periods of time between the seasons where I’m forced to adjust to the change.  I’m sitting here this morning fresh from my bed where my ever so popular electric blanket continues to keep my better-half warm and toasty.  I was finally forced to get it out one morning last week when I woke up at three AM with with my feet freezing and my teeth chattering.  Transitions can be a large pain in the backside but what can you do?

In another week the garden will be finished and I’ll begin storing things away to prepare for the first snowfall.  I’m looking forward to that as I usually do because believe it or not I enjoy the coziness of winter.  It’s a quieter time that allows  us to snuggle in and to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a time to take care of long delayed projects and for reflection on the past year and the beginning of expectations for the next.

With the tourists out of the picture we can start visiting many of our favorite places that we’ve avoided for the last few months.  No more ridiculous parking fees and never ending beach traffic.  We can now bundle up and return to walking the beach to enjoy Mother Nature without gangs of visitors clogging up the area.

Hopefully within the next hour or two the sun will come out and warm things up a little.  We’re anticipating temperatures today nearing seventy which is nice but not long after sundown the temperature will drop suddenly into the high thirties and low forties.  We’ll eventually make the adjustment and in no time be ready to sit back for a few months and enjoy the season.

I know it’s really Fall since my arm is stiff and sore from that damn flu shot I got yesterday.  I guess I’m ready for just about anything.  We’ll be taking lots of photographs in the coming month which is always enjoyable and the Fryeburg Fair is just weeks away.  It will be the last big get together for the state of Maine this year and my better-half loves reconnecting with all those farm animals she hasn’t seen since last year.  She’s what you might call a closet farmer with a passion for piggies and a secret wish that she’d been born a hundred years ago on a farm.

I’m almost completely awake now and after one more cup of hot coffee I’ll be ready to face the day.