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09-13-2015 Journal–Rainy Day Projects!   Leave a comment

With the season change looming and with a few days of rain expected, it’s time to get back to work on some of my side projects. One in particular needs immediate attention because I’m running out of time to have it done by November 14th.  It’s a weird but special gift for my better-half the beer connoisseur.  On top of being a beer expert she’s also a collector of sorts. Over the last twenty-five years she’s religiously saved bottle caps from every type of beer she’s ever tasted.  We ended up with a garbage bag filled with hundreds of beer memories (bottle caps) but had no idea what to do with them. 


It’s funny how things fall together at times. Just as I was cutting our ties with the Dish Network by removing their equipment from the side of our house, I had a revelation.  I took the dish and all of it’s component parts, reconstructed them into a sort of interesting but weird side table.



As I was working on the table I looked over to the corner of the workshop and saw the bag of bottle caps.  It was then I decided to use the colorful and interesting bottle caps to create a mosaic top for my Dish Network Memorial Table. What better gift for a beer connoisseur than a one-of-a-kind table for her to sit her beer on.


I used a floor-leveler compound to flatten out the dish interior a little and then got to work on the mosaic top. The wide range of bottle cap colors surprised me a bit but made the job much easier.



Two coats of high gloss paint will make it pretty and mounting it  on a wooded base will keep it sturdy enough for everyday use.  Then it’s adhesive, bottle cap placement, and a decorative grout.  I’ll post my future progress  (if I have any) and hopefully this thing will be finished in time for the birthday celebration.

09-22-2013   Leave a comment

Our best friend has finally arrived to spend the winter with us. It’s about this time every year that this friend arrives and is welcomed with open arms by us both.  This friend is warm and loving like no one else and my better-half and I are looking forward to sharing our bed  for the next few months with this visiting friend.

Now that you’ve all read that last paragraph and had a few of those off-color thoughts I know you were having let me explain further.  Our best friend is a soft, fuzzy, green, and electrified blanket.  With Fall in the air and Winter on the way this friend makes living bearable while the seasons change. To keep our house heated is the biggest expense of the year other than the mortgage.  Every degree we can lower the level of heat in the house is money in our pocket. We haven’t even turned on the heat yet and I suspect we won’t until sometime in mid October.  By delaying that long we’ll save approximately $350.00.  We’re willing to wear more clothing for a few weeks during the day and to turn up the electric blanket a bit at night each night to accomplish that.

I’ve never had the luxury of living in an area of the country that has mild temperatures for most of the year.  While I really love the season change and the cold and snow I occasionally envy people living in those areas.  Living here is like having to lead two lives.  Hot weather, time on the beach, and tourists over running the area.  Shorts, T-shirts, flip flops, and sun tan and sun burn.  Within a few weeks that all disappears and out come the parka’s, gloves, wool socks, and skyrocketing heating costs.  We’re used to it but I feel bad for any of those southerners who may relocate here. It would be a huge shock to their systems and their wallets.

We can hope for a few more weeks of Indian Summer but that doesn’t always occur as planned.  By this time next month all of us Mainer’s will have made the mental transition from Summer to Winter and will be prepared to move on down the road as usual.  The next six months will be all about, snow, sleet, wind, crushed mail boxes, car accidents, and a general malaise caused by being house bound.  For some of the more hardy folks it will be all about plowing snow, ice fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling.  The kids as always will be throwing snowballs, building forts, snowmen, and praying for a heavy snow fall that will cancel school.  Some things just never change.

After six months of Winter we’ll make the transition back to Spring and Summer with a real appreciation that most southern folks don’t have.  The memory of every minute that I spend sitting in the sun on my deck and every time I walked the beach in my swim suit this summer will carry me through the winter.  It’s all a big mind game that I play with myself.  When I’m out in the driveway using the snow blower and dressed liked a freaking Eskimo I’m actually thinking about that warm beach and those pretty young things in their skimpy bikinis. 

Don’t tell my better-half my little secret or there’ll be hell to pay for sure.

09-17-2013   Leave a comment

Fall has officially arrived here in Maine and I can tell because it’s six in the morning, I’m sitting in the living room and I can see my breath.  We normally wait until October to turn on the heat and this year will be no different. With the cost of heating oil being what it is we’re forced to suffer with some cold temperatures for a few more weeks.  We actually covered what was left of our garden last night due to the anticipated frost that our expert weather people are calling for.  For a change they were spot on.

I’ve always been adamant about not liking hot weather and that hasn’t changed much over the years.  The worst part for me is the short periods of time between the seasons where I’m forced to adjust to the change.  I’m sitting here this morning fresh from my bed where my ever so popular electric blanket continues to keep my better-half warm and toasty.  I was finally forced to get it out one morning last week when I woke up at three AM with with my feet freezing and my teeth chattering.  Transitions can be a large pain in the backside but what can you do?

In another week the garden will be finished and I’ll begin storing things away to prepare for the first snowfall.  I’m looking forward to that as I usually do because believe it or not I enjoy the coziness of winter.  It’s a quieter time that allows  us to snuggle in and to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a time to take care of long delayed projects and for reflection on the past year and the beginning of expectations for the next.

With the tourists out of the picture we can start visiting many of our favorite places that we’ve avoided for the last few months.  No more ridiculous parking fees and never ending beach traffic.  We can now bundle up and return to walking the beach to enjoy Mother Nature without gangs of visitors clogging up the area.

Hopefully within the next hour or two the sun will come out and warm things up a little.  We’re anticipating temperatures today nearing seventy which is nice but not long after sundown the temperature will drop suddenly into the high thirties and low forties.  We’ll eventually make the adjustment and in no time be ready to sit back for a few months and enjoy the season.

I know it’s really Fall since my arm is stiff and sore from that damn flu shot I got yesterday.  I guess I’m ready for just about anything.  We’ll be taking lots of photographs in the coming month which is always enjoyable and the Fryeburg Fair is just weeks away.  It will be the last big get together for the state of Maine this year and my better-half loves reconnecting with all those farm animals she hasn’t seen since last year.  She’s what you might call a closet farmer with a passion for piggies and a secret wish that she’d been born a hundred years ago on a farm.

I’m almost completely awake now and after one more cup of hot coffee I’ll be ready to face the day.

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I’m standing at my kitchen window sipping on an extremely hot cup of coffee and watching my neighbors as they walk with their daughters out to the main road and the school bus that will start this new school year.  Their younger daughter isn’t quite old enough for school but she’s there to see her sister off and seems very excited by the whole experience.  They’re taking lots of photo’s to mark this special occasion as I’m sure they will do for many years to come.

The older daughter’s of another neighbor were seen packing their cars a few days ago and are now off to college to begin their school year.  They also seemed excited to begin another year that moves them a little closer to independence and a life of their own.

For me this is the beginning-of-the-end of summer.  I’m excited by the tourist season being over as I again watch them leaving the area in droves.  By next week the population of many nearby coastal towns will drop almost ninety percent.  Many of the beach businesses will close for the season and our lives can slowly get back to what we consider normal.  My better-half and I are looking forward once again to visiting several bars and restaurants we’ve been avoiding all summer.  Large crowds, high parking fees, and higher than normal prices have kept us away all summer long.  It’s northing new just a normal transition we have to deal with every September.  Caravans of vehicles heading north to return to Canadian soil and just as many heading south to Boston and beyond.

Our summer gardening is also coming to an end and the Fall season will be upon us in no time.  We’ll visit a few local fairs and festivals and of course the big Fryeburg Fair and  I’ll be getting out the snow thrower and preparing it for the coming season.  I’ve lined up a few winter projects and also collected a healthy stack of books to read during the next five months. Then we’ll settle in for what will hopefully be a quiet and thoughtful Winter with just enough snow to keep things fresh and clean until Spring.

I always look forward to Winter if for no other reason than the time it offers me to read, think, and write.  This blog becomes a major priority once again and I’ll finally have the proper amount of time to research things I want to write about.  That the best relaxation I can think of and I ‘m looking forward to it.

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