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02/05/2022 A Little Acidman   Leave a comment

Rob “Acid Man” Smith

Sixteen years ago, I was a lonely bachelor living with two ferrets and a cat. Part of my routine at that time was to explore the internet, read blogs, and participate in selected chat rooms. It was about that same time I serious became interested in blogging but was really unsure just how to get started. One of my favorite blogs at the time was called The gentleman that ran that blog was Rob Acid-Man Smith. He captured my imagination immediately because he was brutally honest, totally outspoken with absolutely no filters, and had a great sense of humor. I exchanged emails with him for a time, learned a lot, and I was hooked. That day he became my blog-father. To say he upset a large number of people over the years was an understatement, but he did it with humor and a whole lot of truth. After reading his blog for almost two years I decided to give it a try myself.

My four years of blogging on my first blog were eye opening. I was brutally honest and voiced my opinions loudly and crassly. I spent most of my time complaining about politics, religion, and any other topic that piqued my interest. It was great fun, and the responses were more than just a little interesting. I actually received a number of death threats from idiots around the globe. That was enough to convince me I had more to say and to hell with the critics.

But as with all things age tends to mellow a person. I decided to discontinue that first blog and then created Every-Useless-Thing. Hoping against hope that I could mellow my opinions down a little and make the blog something more than a bitch session. I’ve been doing Every-Useless-Thing now for approximately eleven and a half years and ten months ago I felt myself slipping and losing my edge. A lot of it had to do with my medical issues but it was more than just that. Anytime I felt myself slipping in the past I returned to to reinvigorate me. Gut Rumbles continues today at Rob’s request even though Rob passed away in 2006. It was and will always be my “Happy Place”.

Today after that lengthy and boring explanation I’m going to repost an article from Acid-Man’s blog. Hopefully you’ll read his thoughts and then understand where I’m trying to come from. I hope you enjoy a little of Acid Man, because I always have. If you want some good reading, go to his blog and read some of his archives. Here he is!


Originally PUBLISHED October 16, 2003

I have a Southern accent. I drop the “g” off the end of gerunds, so I say talkin,’ climbin,’ smokin,’ and runnin’ instead of speaking standard American English the way Dan Rather does as he lies his ass off on the CBS Evening News.

I say y’all. I have ‘druthers. I know how far yonder is. I know how to see ’bout that. Whatchadoon is a real word to me.

That’s the reason I don’t like to talk on the phone. I sound like a goddam hick. I AM a goddam hick, but I am educated and I can communicate well when I want to. Where I live, everybody understands me just fine when I say, “Whatchadoon? I’d ‘druther ya not go ’bout it that way. Lemme show ya sumpin. Thadded be better, doncha think?” That’s Southern English and it works well in person-to-person communication.

Try that shit over the phone when you’re talking to a yankee. I doesn’t work. The yankee gets all nasal, I talk Southern and the next thing you know, we may as well be from foreign countries. That’s why I would prefer to write to someone I don’t know. I can appear to be halfway intelligent on paper.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this communication gap. I COULD be like the BC and talk like a yankee at work and sound like the biggest hayseed on the farm at Quinton’s football games, but I’m not a chameleon, able to change my skin color and blend into the scenery the way she can. Everything that woman does is an act and she wears many masks. I’m not built that way. Like Popeye, I am what I am and that’s all that I am.

Sometimes, that’s not the right way to be. Honesty is not always the best policy.

Just ask a lizard.



09/04/2021 Curmudgeons Rule ! ! !   Leave a comment

I’ve been called a lot of kind and unkind things in my life but the most recent nickname being overused is the term curmudgeon. It’s not a word I’ve ever used regularly and it really didn’t become well-known to me until the sitcom, Everyone Loves Raymond, made its appearance on TV all those years ago. Peter Boyle laid claim to the term and has become the curmudgeon poster boy since. I can’t forget to mention another of my favorite curmudgeons, Andy Rooney, who like Peter Boyle has long since passed away.

I’ve been branded by friends and family alike as an apparent “growler and grumbler” but I just don’t think that applies to me at all. This name calling has increased since I started blogging and thankfully no-one but my friends and family have used the term up till now. That’s not a request for any of you to start using it, so don’t.

After months and months (sarcasm on) of meticulous research (sarcasm off) I’ve discovered that since the death of Peter Boyle and Andy Rooney we no longer have any famous or infamous curmudgeons to ridicule the powers that be and that just doesn’t seem right to me. If I’m truly a curmudgeon then I must be filling a basic human need. Maybe people subconsciously need someone like me to observe their activities, comment on these activities, and to criticize them as needed. I have to admit that’s what I do and you’re very welcome. I religiously pick apart stupid and politically correct activities of people and shine the spotlight of mocking and silliness directly on them. Am I doing a public service? I think I am.

I also realize that many of the people who read this blog are bloggers themselves. I can’t put a number on it but I’m not afraid to say a large percentage of my readers are just as curmudgeonly as I appear to be. So to all of you blogging curmudgeonly curmudgeons out there, keep up the good work. This society needs to hear opinions from real folks not just paid mouthpieces of the mainstream media and the US government. And as stated by our forefathers, “It’s the duty of every patriotic American to question and criticize their government.” , so don’t stop now.

Say these following words to yourself as often as you can.


08/16/2021  Ten Year Anniversary   Leave a comment

Good morning readers. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m within two weeks of celebrating my tenth year of blogging which I think requires me to do an honest review of myself. I have to admit it’s been a real learning experience but one I wouldn’t change for anything. I never decided to blog because I thought I had all the answers or that my philosophy of life was of any interest to anyone but me. I blog primarily to keep myself sane. Blogging is a good way for me to vent and lower my blood pressure all at the same time.  I especially enjoy reading the feedback even if it’s discourteous, rude, or off-color.  It’s called freedom of speech.

I initially blogged about personal stories of my life but found out very quickly that family and friends dislike notoriety. From that point on I made sure to never mention names or to post any family members photographs.

I then moved into politics and voiced my opinions rather loudly and pointedly. It helped me to quickly discover that most blog surfers are of the “sound bite” generations. My goal then became writing a variety of articles that would keep readers reading to the end. It involved a mix of politics, humor, sarcasm, trivia, and whatever else I could find. I’m interested in anyone who really wants to take the time to read every word, think about it for a while, and then comment with a yea or nay. I’m not looking for approval just honest and open discussions and opinions.

After my interest in political blogging waned I decided to return to writing about personal stories from my past. It seemed the best way to go if I wanted to increased traffic. It also seemed that I wasn’t the only person fed up with politics and politicians. I love embracing change and have done so many times over the years. An old quote I heard many years ago still holds true today: “the greatest opportunities are found on the edge of chaos”.

I have a rather loyal following of readers who’ve stayed with me through my cancer diagnosis, surgeries, and a year of little or no blog postings. I’d like to thank them all for their continuing interest and support. It made returning to this blog a much easier transition than I had ever hoped for. Thanks again.


03-05-2015 Journal–My Blogging Manifesto!   3 comments

I spend an hour or so every other morning sitting in this bed and writing about my life and my interactions with the rest of the human race.  Sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes not so much.  There are times when finding subject matter becomes an issue.  It’s not a problem finding things to write about it’s deciding what things shouldn’t be written about that is my main problem. 

I’ve been taken to task on many occasions by both friends and family about things I’ve written.  Some asked, some begged, and others demanded that they be left alone and not included in my ramblings.  It took years for me to find that comfortable little niche where I was allowed to say just about anything  without repercussions. You see my problem don’t you? It’s the reason that I never post photo’s or use names of the people in my life. Truthfully they think what they and say do is so vitally important and private that I should never write a thing about them. I think that’s a huge steaming pile of ridiculousness because everyone is egocentric and thinks the world would stop tuning if their everyday boring crap isn’t kept totally secret.  That’s silly I know but everyone including myself seems to feel that way. I guess that just means we’re all a little more delusional than we’re aware of or care to admit.

I thought it was time for me to restate my approach to blogging because it continues to change and be readjusted the longer I do it.  I suppose I could give all of the more important and interesting characters in my life cute little nicknames or aliases but that to me is stupid.  I could write in great detail about all of them and their activities and cause a great deal of turmoil as I went about doing it.  I could post questionable photographs of them so the world would know just how important they’re not.  But I don’t and I won’t. That simple statement should help some of them sleep a little better tonight.

This posting is just a polite statement of my style of blogging and my motives. I blog because I love to write and what better things are there to write about than my own activities. I’ll continue to do this for as long as I can regardless of what anyone thinks.  The only motivation that keeps me going is that generated by me.  Outside influences are interesting but annoying and have no effect on how I approach this blog.  It will continue without change into the future.


Even Ted Kaczynski had a manifesto that explained his bizarre way of thinking. That’s the right of every citizen to voice their opinions regardless of how right or wrong they are.  I intend to keep my blog rated at a PG level but with a minimal amount of cussing and swearing. I do plenty of that in my everyday life and find it much more pleasurable than writing it.  There’ll be no photos of people in my life and no actual names will be ever be used. It isn’t really necessary because they all know who the hell they are anyway.

So I’m about to leave my warm bed and begin my day.  The blogging will continue and be as harmless as possible except when someone or something pisses me off. That’s just human nature and I choose to do it here on this blog rather than standing at a water cooler bitching about the world to a bunch of people who are bitching right back at me.

I prefer individual bitching rather than having it become a group activity. This blog is MY water cooler.

Have a wonderful and sarcastic day.

04-01-2014 A-Holeistic Quotes   2 comments


Look! It’s A-Hole.

Well, I’m finally back.  I have to confess I was surprised just how much I missed my daily blogging.  My other project progressed more in this short eight weeks than I was able to accomplish in the previous year, making my time away well spent.

My life continues as before but things never seem to stop changing.  My better-half continues to drive me crazy, the cat still annoys me at times, and the grandson is just minutes away from talking.  I suspect after watching him closely for all these months that once he starts talking he won’t be able to stop and I can’t wait. I consider it quite a privilege and one I intend to make the most of.

I’ve been trying to decide what I should write about on my return.  I thought I should probably fall back to my cynical roots and supply you with a selection of quotations unlike any you may have seen before. Normally quotes are meant to be uplifting and to give us faith in the past and hope for the future. These do not.  These quotes celebrate the sarcastic, the glib, and the smart asses of world. Enjoy . . .

“You can tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much.” Anonymous

“There is nothing wrong with Hollywood that six first-class funerals wouldn’t solve.” Anonymous

“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping the common people quite.” Napoleon Bonaparte

“He is the kind of politician who would cut down the redwood tree, then mount the stump for a conservation speech.” Adlai Stevenson

“On being asked to describe Hollywood – Can a fish describe the murky water in which it swims?” Albert Einstein

“After coming in contact with a religious man I always feel that I must wash my hands.” Frederick Nietzsche, "The  Antichrist" (1888)

“This is a back-stabbing, scum sucking, small minded town.” Roseanne Arnold "Hollywood Reporter" (1990)

About: Elvis Costello born 1955
“Looks like Buddy Holly after drinking a can of STP Oil Treatment.” Dave Marsh, "Rolling Stone Magazine"

About: Marie Osmond born 1959
“She is so pure, Moses couldn’t even part her knees.” Joan Rivers

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” May West

“Not only is there no God, try getting a plumber on weekends.” Woody Allen

“You don’t have to think too hard when you talk to a teacher.” JD Salinger

I’ve heard these kind of quotes called any number of things including poisonous, mean, or nasty.  I’ve come up with my own term: A-holeistic. My cynical self has returned to the blog and I’m feeling just fine.

Sporadic blogging will continue.

09-03-2013   Leave a comment

I’m standing at my kitchen window sipping on an extremely hot cup of coffee and watching my neighbors as they walk with their daughters out to the main road and the school bus that will start this new school year.  Their younger daughter isn’t quite old enough for school but she’s there to see her sister off and seems very excited by the whole experience.  They’re taking lots of photo’s to mark this special occasion as I’m sure they will do for many years to come.

The older daughter’s of another neighbor were seen packing their cars a few days ago and are now off to college to begin their school year.  They also seemed excited to begin another year that moves them a little closer to independence and a life of their own.

For me this is the beginning-of-the-end of summer.  I’m excited by the tourist season being over as I again watch them leaving the area in droves.  By next week the population of many nearby coastal towns will drop almost ninety percent.  Many of the beach businesses will close for the season and our lives can slowly get back to what we consider normal.  My better-half and I are looking forward once again to visiting several bars and restaurants we’ve been avoiding all summer.  Large crowds, high parking fees, and higher than normal prices have kept us away all summer long.  It’s northing new just a normal transition we have to deal with every September.  Caravans of vehicles heading north to return to Canadian soil and just as many heading south to Boston and beyond.

Our summer gardening is also coming to an end and the Fall season will be upon us in no time.  We’ll visit a few local fairs and festivals and of course the big Fryeburg Fair and  I’ll be getting out the snow thrower and preparing it for the coming season.  I’ve lined up a few winter projects and also collected a healthy stack of books to read during the next five months. Then we’ll settle in for what will hopefully be a quiet and thoughtful Winter with just enough snow to keep things fresh and clean until Spring.

I always look forward to Winter if for no other reason than the time it offers me to read, think, and write.  This blog becomes a major priority once again and I’ll finally have the proper amount of time to research things I want to write about.  That the best relaxation I can think of and I ‘m looking forward to it.

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