02/24/2022 More Isaac Azimov   Leave a comment

As I stated on so many occasions, I am a rabid science-fiction fan. I’ve been reading science fiction material since I was a kid when I found a copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in a box of trash near a neighbor’s home. While admittedly there’s a lot of crap out there calling itself science-fiction, the classics remain the classics. Two days ago, I started reading the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov again. As a young man I read it the first time but to understand it at that age was difficult. I’ve read the entire series three times since and every time I find more things I missed. As I began to read it again my thoughts came back to Isaac Asimov himself and the fact that he was not only an incredible writer but also wrote many outrageous and bawdy limericks. I thought I pass a few of those along to you today because he really knew how to craft limericks. Here are a few . . .

A gourmet’s delight is Priscilla

For her breath’s a distinct sarsaparilla.

One breast tastes of thyme

The other of lime

And her vaginal flavor’s vanilla.


There was a young lady named Lynne

Who said,” I’m prepared to begin

Any sort of activity

That suits my proclivity

Provided it counts as a sin.”


As a poet, a young man named Buck

Was utterly lacking in luck.

He tried limericks (lecherous)

But found rhyming quite treacherous

And to rhyme “Buck” and “Luck” left him stuck.


To her lover said pretty young Julie,

“I don’t want to alarm you unduly.

I don’t intend blame

And yet, all the same,

You’ve produced a small pregnancy, Truly!”


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