10/01/2022 Do You Want to be a Celebrity?   1 comment

I’m not much of a follower of all things Hollywood but like it or not some information makes its way to me regardless. Only a few days ago I made the mistake of roaming around on Facebook. To my surprise there was a lengthy posting about female celebrities without makeup. If you think horror flicks are the scariest thing ever, you’d be wrong. There were more than a few rather famous female stars that I’ve lusted over in the past, but Facebook has ruined that forever. It still gives me cold chills if I think about it for too long. I’m not an innocent and naive blushing bride by any means. I realize that Hollywood takes its job seriously when recreating a regular human being into a “STAR”. That process requires many stars to change their names. Here are a few interesting samples which are self-explanatory.

Elton John -Reginald Dwight

Joan Rivers – Joan Molinsky

James Garner – James Baumgarner

Barry Manilow – Barry Pincus

Spike Lee – Shelton Lee

Snoop Dogg – Cordozar Broadus

Tina Turner -Annie Mae Bullock

Winona Ryder – Winona Horowitz

Sting – Gordon Summer

Stevie Wonder – Steveland Judkins

I’m now seriously thinking about changing my name. I’ve always felt that my name was as boring as it gets but picking a new one is really difficult. If I were to be a porn-star I’d probably go for I.M Lancelot, but since I’m just a normal boring person I would need something spectacular to catch everyone’s attention.


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  1. 💕Have to ask if that name you chose has some special meaning, especially since it’s in quotation marks!
    You’ll see this before you see messenger. My phone won’t charge for some reason.
    Wanted to send this to you… not a poem and not original. God knows, I don’t have your silver tongue, at least when it comes to poetry.🤭 Anyway, here it is.
    This is a story about a couple that went to a Halloween Costume Party. They were having a wonderful time when there was a knock at the door and a beautiful young lady walked in with a very unusual costume. Her entire body was tattooed as a map of the world…
    Her eyes were Siam.
    Her nose was Hindustan,
    And on her knees were Greece.
    Her back was Brazil.
    Her chest was Bunker Hill,
    And her hips were Constantinople.
    Just then he saw his wife,
    And to avoid all future strife,
    He let the rest of the world go by!
    Considering your love of body art I thought you’d enjoy this.😉💕

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