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05/03/2021 Outrageous Political Strategies   Leave a comment

Nothing prompts me to write a post as much as the letter I just received from Joe “Don’t Wake Me” Biden. He was just sending out millions of copies of that letter to advise all of us stimulus check recipients of how hard he worked to make it happen. Since most of the stimulus work was begun under Trump I thought he was being just a bit disingenuous. I wasn’t particularly surprised because he IS the ultimate long term politician. Any politician worth his salt would immediately try to steal the thunder of another. It’s a standard political move and to guys like Biden it’s just reflex. He is a decades long expert.

If you’ve followed this blog at all then you should be aware that I have little or no use for any political party or politician. Actually I really love it when they spend so much of their precious time calling each other names and creating an endless supply of stupid do-nothing committees. The more gridlock we have the better. Gridlock means they aren’t passing more legislation to take money out of my pocket.

Keeping in mind what I’ve just written, I’m proposing a new and exciting political strategy that I’ll be sending to Donald Trump. Since he is so hated by the political left and the endless number of Republicans that want to be Democrats, he just might be receptive. In preparation for the next presidential campaign I’m proposing that Trump resign from the GOP and sign himself up as a viable Democratic voter. He could then spend the next four years driving the Democratic party crazy and creating as much havoc as possible. They hate him so much they would lose their minds and most of their emphasis on the election hoping to get Trump the hell out their party. While that’s going on the GOP could run Mickey Mouse for president and probably win.

In my humble opinion Trump has little or no chance to be reelected but he is a such a epic hell-raiser he could do more damage to the democrats than he was able to do as a Republican president. The effects could last for decades and I want to be around to watch the fun. The worst case scenario would be that he wins the presidency as a Democratic candidate and OMG do I want to be around for that.

03/27/2021 Cancer & Covid . . . What a Year   1 comment

I imagine that everyone is as disgusted and frustrated with the pandemic as I am. As I look back there can be no doubt that 2020 was the worst year of my life. For me the pandemic was a secondary life threatening situation and my 12 months of cancer, hospitals, surgeries, doctors, chemotherapy, and wonderful nurses will never be forgotten. To make a long story short I remain cancer free with the results of my recent 6 month checkup and scans giving me some hope for a few more years.

For the last year and a half all of my attention has been aimed at surviving. Also I was concerned about how stupid I would look if I survived cancer then died from catching Covid-19. I’ve always preferred privacy in my life but this was the first time it almost drove me insane. It was much like being in jail without the benfit of human contact except for my partner and a few other family members. It’s not over yet but hopefully it will be in a few more long and endless months.

All of these things haven’t permitted me much time to pay attention to the current events and the political changeover from arch conservative Trump to our new socialist leader Biden. Funny how my life hasn’t changed one iota. it just proves the point that “Politicians still suck regardless of the party.” Maybe we need a third “Apathy Party” in this country to make things even more ridiculous. I don’t intend to waste any more of my valuable time listening to more political lies and exaggerations that mean nothing to most people. Lifes just too damn short.

I hope to begin posting again on a regular basis and it shouldn’t take too long for something or someone to piss me off.

08-04-2014 Journal Entry – Let Freedom Ring!   Leave a comment

Well the better-half is finally on her way to Delaware.  Her getting ready for a five day trip was much like the American soldiers preparing for D-Day.  She packed everything except possibly a bazooka and c-rations.  She spent five whole days packing for a five day trip which meant a minor crisis every hour or so for me to deal with. “Where’s this thing? Where’s that thing? Where did you put my recharger? My phone isn’t working properly, fix it! Why isn’t this GPS thingee working? It doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.” Man, I’ll need at least five days of rest to recover from her packing.

This posting will be all over the place today.  A little of this and a little of that. For instance, I’m always telling everyone how much I love living in Maine and thankfully I found something that will explain it clearly for you. We have an abundance of natural wonders here but it’s the people that keep me interested.  We were riding around a few days ago and came upon what could be called the Mt. Rushmore of Maine. Check it out.


This is a perfect example of free thinking Americans voicing their opinion without fear of reprisals from the liberal left.  I appreciate their sentiment as well as the perfect way in which it was displayed.  Subtle but effective.  Here are a couple of close-ups so you can read the signs a little easier.


‘More Obama Fans’


‘One of These Thrones is for Biden too!’

Now let’s talk freedom of expression and mailboxes.  I created a photo book a few years ago with dozens of photo’s of unusual Maine mailboxes.  The Fed’s have a whole list of requirements for people who install a mailbox.  It must be so many inches high, so many inches from the road, and God forbid if it’s not an approved US Government design.  They may threaten you with a vicious bureaucratic note if you don’t obey their rules which just scares the hell out of no one.


I also love those little threatening notes they occasionally drop in my box or attach to my door that informs me that they’ll stop delivering my mail unless I clear the snow and ice from my around my mailbox.  It’s Maine for God’s sake. There are times when I can’t even find it to clear the snow away.  It’s either buried under three feet of frozen concrete or the town’s snowplow has removed it from my property and dropped into the yard of a neighbor a few hundred yards away.  The fact that it will be in five or six pieces doesn’t seem to concern them either. The citizens of Maine apparently didn’t get that important government memorandum on mailbox requirements and if they did, they ignored it. I continue to find many mailboxes  which violate all of the rules of the USPS which just makes me smile. It’s just a simple and direct way for Mainer’s to throw the big middle finger to the Fed’s.



Freedom is everywhere in Maine as reflected by this sign at a local biker bar. It just isn’t necessary to make up an impressive and phony name for your band. Just call things exactly what they are. Who wouldn’t drive a few miles to hear this group perform and throw back a few drinks as well.