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10/27/2002 “Truths”   Leave a comment

It’s seems to be an appropriate time for a few truths. We get so much BS from the Media and advertisers that many times we really aren’t sure what’s true and what’s not. Let me lay some truths on you today for a change. These are listed in no particular order.

  • Most American car horns honk in the key of F.
  • Silly Putty was the result of a failed attempt by General Electric to create a synthetic rubber for use in World War II.
  • A bank in Vernal, Utah, was built from bricks delivered by the U.S. Postal Service in 1916. The builders discovered that it was cheaper to mail them then to ship them from Salt Lake City.
  • Carl Hubbard is the only person inducted into three different sports halls of fame: baseball, college football, and Pro football.
  • The final resting place of Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, a geologist, is the moon. He arranged to have his ashes placed on board the Lunar Prospector spacecraft that was launched on January 6, 1998.
  • The “Too T TrappeR” is a charcoal filter shaped like a seat cushion that’s designed to silence and deodorizing any unwanted fart’s. It comes in gray or black and makes a rather awkward Christmas gift.

  • In days past, the term boner referred to a person who was a textile worker who inserted stays into women’s corsets and brassieres.
  • The only marsupial that is native to North America is the Virginia opossum.
  • Americans drink 50 times more soda now than they did a century ago.
  • It takes about 2,893 licks to get to the center of a typical Tootsie Pop.
  • The longest overdue book in the United States is 145 years (in Ohio). The longest in the world is 288 years (in Germany).
  • Breast reduction is the fifth most popular plastic surgery procedure for men.


“Ninety-eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hard-working, honest Americans.

It’s the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them.”

Lily Tomlin

10/11/2022 Truths????   Leave a comment

It’s hard these days tell tell if what we’re being told is true. Most companies and politicians have developed lying and fake news to new levels of confusion. We spend more time trying to determine if what we’re being told is a lie while the question we originally asked never gets answered. That’s always the grand plan for prevaricators of all kinds, misdirection and the parsing of words and phrases. It’s become an ugly art form for some people. Today’s post contains “true blue” facts collected from my archives with no manipulations or fake and misleading information. Here we go.

  • The telephone has been one of the most profitable inventions in the history of the United States.
  • One million threads of fiber optic cable can fit a tube 1/2 inch in diameter.
  • In 1956, Johnny Mathis decided to record an album instead of answering an invitation to try out for the US Olympic team as a high jumper. It turned out to be a fortuitous choice.
  • One ounce of pure gold can be made into a wire 50 miles long.
  • President John Quincy Adams started each summer day with an early morning skinny-dipping in the Potomac River.

  • America’s modern interstate highway system was designed in the 1950s during the Eisenhower administration. It’s primary purpose was not to enhance casual driving over long distances but to provide for the efficient movement of military vehicles if and when necessary.
  • The human eye blinks an average of 3.7 million times per year.
  • Terminal velocity for a human being is approximately 124 mph. To reach this speed, you would have to fall from a height of at least 158 yards or about 1 1/2 football fields.
  • The Bible contains 32 references to dogs, none to cats.
  • The word “nerd”comes from Dr. Seuss, who first used the term in his 1950 book If I Ran the Zoo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this information that has not been edited, exaggerated, or just plain covered in BS. Real truths are much more interesting than most of the nonsense we’re being fed by corporate American and the politicians.

Quote for the Day


Brigitte Bardot

8/21/2022 Truth’s   Leave a comment

Yesterday’s posting involved bad poetry so today I’ll be moving on to a few usual truths. If you’re lucky you might win a few bar bets using these tidbits of trivia. If you only win one drink, then your efforts in reading this post will have been worth it.

  • The custom of men buttoning their clothes from the right and women from the left comes from the fact that men traditionally dressed themselves and were typically right-handed. Women were more often addressed by maids, who preferred to work from their right – the wearer’s left.
  • The phrase “last laugh” is derived from the laugh-like sound a bullet shot through the heart sometimes causes an innocent victim to make before death.
  • You can form the number 12, 345, 678, 987, 654, 321 by multiplying 111, 111, 111 by 111, 111, 111.
  • The “WD” in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement. The “40” came about because it took the creators that many attempts to get the formula correct.
  • According to Hollywood lore, silent film actress Norma Talmage started the tradition of stars putting their footprints in the cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater when she accidentally stumbled onto the freshly laid sidewalk in front of it in 1927.

  • Pepsi-Cola was the first foreign consumer product sold in the former Soviet Union.
  • Kissing was once a crime in England. In the mid-1400s, King Henry VI declared it was a disease spreader.
  • The San Andreas Fault is slipping about 2 inches per year, which means that Los Angeles will be a suburb of San Francisco in 15 million years.
  • The shortest reign of a Portuguese king was 20 minutes. When the royal family was ambushed in February 1908, the king died immediately and his heir, Luis Filipe, died 20 minutes later.
  • On Christopher Columbus’s fourth voyage to the New World, he saved the lives of his crew by convincing Jamaican natives that he made the moon disappear during a lunar eclipse in 1504.


“The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it.”

Napolean Bonaparte

11/17/2021 ✨Great Quote Award✨   Leave a comment

“Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings, those who cheer

today will curse tomorrow; only one thing endures – character.”

Horace Greeley (1811-1872)

11-03-2013 Kids & Proverbs   Leave a comment

As I’ve stated many times in the past I just love talking to kids.  The only thing you can be absolutely sure of in those conversations is receiving unedited answers which are what they perceive to be the truth.  They are almost always funny and and direct, an ability that most adults have lost due to decades of political correct indoctrination.  I try to enjoy conversing with kids before they age enough to become guarded, jaded, and uninteresting, much like their parents.

I’ve posted before with kid’s thoughts on Christmas, Love and Marriage, and other subjects.  The information contained in this post was collected by a first grade teacher who took a collection of well-known proverbs and split them into two parts. Each child in her class was supplied with the first half of a proverb, and then asked to complete it. Their insight as always makes me smile. Here we go.

Better to be safe than . . . . Punch a 5th grader.

Strike while the . . . . Bug is close.

It’s always darkest before . . . . Daylight Savings Time.

Never underestimate the power of . . . . Termites.

You can lead a horse to water but . . . .  how?

Don’t bite the hand that . . . . looks dirty.

No news is . . . . impossible.

A miss is as good as a . . . . Mr.

You can’t teach an old dog new . . . . math.

If you lie down with dogs, you . . . . stink in the morning.

Love all, trust . . . . me.

The pen is mightier than the . . . . pigs.

An idle mind is . . . . the best way to relax.

Where there’s smoke there’s . . . . Pollution.

Happy the bride who . . . . gets all the presents.

A penny saved is . . . . not much.

Two’s company, three’s . . . . the Musketeers.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what . . . . you put on to go to bed.

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and . . . . you have to blow your nose.

None are so blind as . . . . Helen Keller.

Children should be seen and not . . . . spanked or grounded.

If at first you don’t succeed . . . . get new batteries.

You get out of something what you . . . . see pictured on the box.

When the blind leadeth the blind . . . . get out of the way.

It’s unfortunate that almost all of us lose the ability to be frank and honest as we age.  I spent a career trying to be frank and honest and I paid a heavy price for it at times.  I consistently attempted to follow my late father’s #1 rule. It’s nothing from the Bible or any other  religious organization, just a plain and simple statement to help set the course for my life.  ‘”ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING, REGARDLESS OF THE CONSEQUENCES”.  It’s not an easy thing to do because most people claim to want honesty from everyone until they get it, then  it can get ugly. Kids are pure and uncontaminated by the ugliness of the human condition and it does the heart good for those of us already contaminated  to remember those days.

10-06-2013   2 comments

How often do you stop and think about when you were a kid?  Does it make you sometimes wish you could be that kid again? Good questions and I’m sure I know the answers.  Of course we’ve all  taken that trip back to a simpler way of life where there was little or no stress and no overwhelming problems.  Our biggest worries then were who to play with and for how long.

Art Linkletter made a fortune with “Kids Say the Darndest Things” because kids really do say the darndest things.  They blurt out the truth without thinking about consequences or hurt feelings.  Sometimes they’re blunt, sometimes cute,  and always funny.  I’ve collected the following blurbs during my travels on the Net to help make my point even more interesting.

* * *

  • While taking a routine vandalism report at an elementary school, I was interrupted by a little girl about six years old. Looking up and down at my uniform, she asked, "Are you a cop?" "Yes," I answered and continued writing the report. "My mother said if I ever needed help I should ask the police. Is that right?" "Yes, that’s right," I told her. "Well, then," she said as she extended her foot toward me, "would you please tie my shoe?
  • A little girl had just finished her first week of school. "I’m just wasting my time," she said to her mother. "I can’t read, I can’t write – and they won’t let me talk!"
  • It was the end of the day when I parked my police van in front of the station. As I gathered my equipment, my K-9 partner, Jake, was barking, and I saw a little boy staring in at me. "Is that a dog you got back there?" he asked. "It sure is," I replied. Puzzled, the boy looked at me and then towards the back of the van. Finally he said, "What’d he do?"
  • While working for an organization that delivers lunches to elderly shut-ins, I used to take my four-year-old daughter on my afternoon rounds. She was unfailingly intrigued by the various appliances of old age, particularly the canes, walkers and wheelchairs. One day I found her staring at a pair of false teeth soaking in a glass. As I braced myself for the inevitable barrage of questions, she merely turned and whispered, "The tooth fairy will never believe this!"
  • While walking along the sidewalk in front of his church, our minister heard the intoning of a prayer that nearly made his collar wilt. Apparently, his five-year-old son and his playmates had found a dead robin. Feeling that proper burial should be performed, they had secured a small box and cotton batting, then dug a hole and made ready for the disposal of the deceased. The minister’s son was chosen to say the appropriate prayers and with sonorous dignity intoned his version of what he thought his father always said: "Glory be unto the Faaaather. .and unto the Soonnn. …..and into the hole he gooooes."

* * *

I can’t get enough of these types of stories.  There’s  nothing better for me than to have the time to sit with a youngster and just have a normal conversation about anything.  The way their mind works and how they express their ideas and observations is the absolute best. 

We are a week or two away from celebrating our grandson’s first birthday and this week he began walking for the first time.  I’m glad about that but he won’t be a real person to me until I can hear him speak his mind.  He’ll probably be speaking within a few months and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.  As I watch him now as he observes the world around him, I can almost see him thinking.  After more than a year of observing all of us he’s sure to have plenty of questions and opinions.  I  can’t wait to hear them.

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