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02-23-2015 Journal–Bottle Snatchers!   Leave a comment


Today is that day that occurs every six weeks or so and honestly it’s not one of my favorites.  Let me explain.

First, regardless of what you know or think you know I’m not a fanatical environmentalist. I’m a former Greenpeace member who bailed out on them when they decided  to turn their attentions to banning nuclear power. I’m a former Sierra Club member who decided that any organization that puts the needs of animals before humans regardless of the consequences is too extreme for me. I’m also militantly against organizations like PETA and the idiots that  run them.


Now let me confuse you further.  Up until 8 years ago I NEVER recycled anything.  It wasn’t that I didn’t care about the environment but I just didn’t see any long term benefits that required an investment of my time.  I understand the need for it now but for the most part I didn’t take it seriously then.

When I met my better-half and after we decided to be together FOREVER my brainwashing began.  In any relationship it’s mandatory that each participant be willing to compromise on certain things to maintain harmony.  My better-half is convinced that by recycling she will save the world. Totally naïve but understandable. Unfortunately the town of Saco, Maine where we live apparently agrees with her.  We’re now forced to recycle by the local government  which in turn  gives her even more ammunition to use against me.  Separate the paper and plastic into the brown container and all of that good old fashioned trash into the green container.  If you don’t obey the rules the town will refuse to pick up your trash. Heil Hitler to you too.


All of my working life experiences and accomplishments have now been turned on their head.  Every six weeks or so I’m required to make a trip to a local recycling center to cash in bags of bottle and cans.  I was coerced into maintaining those containers at our residence where each days bottles and cans can be collected and stored.  Now part of my garage smells suspicious like that dumpy recycling center. If you like the smell of stale beer and garbage you too can be an environmentalist.


We live in a rural area and use a well as our primary source of water.  Unfortunately well water is notorious for heavy mineral content and the occasional smell of rotten eggs.  So for cooking, coffee making, and normal consumption we use bottled water purchased from local retailers.  My new career as forced upon me by my better-half has reduced me to the level of a homeless guy wandering the streets collecting bottles and cans to save a nickel or two.


So every six to eight weeks I bundle up bags of bottles and cans, put the stinky crap in my car, and head out to collect my seven dollars. It supplies me with just enough money to pay for my cat’s needs.  His food, treats, and litter are now paid for by my endless recycling efforts.  To tell you the truth I’d much rather just pay for it myself and stop all this madness but this is the compromise I must make to maintain this Garden of Eden we live in and all of the benefits it provides.

Oh yeah, I’m also saving the freaking world too. Brother !!!


04-22-2013   2 comments

Well today is the day when the ever-so-lame Earth Day is celebrated. I’ve never celebrated this day the same way I don’t recognize or celebrate Kwanza.  All you "Greenies" out there can get as excited as you like today but not me or mine. 

Her are a few facts about how Earth Day was started and by the POS who was responsible.  Read and learn all you Green fools about one of your demi-gods who cared more for the planet than the life of an innocent women.

I’ve been around since the inception of Earth Day by Ira Einhorn and his half-assed hippy movement and while some of the initial ideas were valid concerning abuses of the environment it has now evolved into a semi-religious movement with goals and political aims that go way too far and are harming the country. Everything green becomes more important than life itself.  The movement has no respect about another persons property rights, their jobs, or the devastating effect many of the stupid EPA laws have had on unsuspecting citizens and businesses.

As in any movement you must look at the leader for his ideas and credibility.  Einhorn to me is just a stone-cold killer who thinks the laws of society don’t apply to him.

Ira Samuel Einhorn, a.k.a. “The Unicorn Killer” (born May 15, 1940), is a convicted murderer, and American activist of the 1960s and 1970s. He is now serving a life sentence for the 1977 murder of Holly Maddux.

How many Earth Days has “Holly Maddux” missed since she was beaten to death by Einhorn, stuffed into a trunk, and stuck in a closet.  It took more than twenty years to find, arrest, return him to this country, and convict him.

To quote the murderer: “Underlying the themes of Earth Day is a call for mankind to align itself with nature, and against itself, enlisting human beings to take part in a battle that seeks to place humanity under the control of an enlightened elite, one that values the interests of nature above that of people.

If your interested click here to learn more about the case: