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07/09/2022 “Euphemisms”   4 comments

I love the English language. There are so many strange and interesting euphemisms that I could spend the rest of my life searching through. I recently stumbled onto a list of 228 euphemisms for sexual intercourse. Of course, I won’t be listing them all but here are ten you might find interesting or humorous.

  • Dance the Buttock Jig
  • Do a Dicky Dunk
  • Do a Grumble and Grunt
  • Buzz the Brillo
  • Peel Your Best End

  • Play Pickle-me, Tickle-me
  • Take a Trip Up the Rhine
  • Pray With the Knees Upward
  • Trade a Bit of Hard for a Bit of Soft
  • Make the Chimney Smoke

And last but not least, here are ten euphemisms for sexual arousal: To Be Hot in the Biscuit, To Be Dripping for It, To Be Rooty, To Be in Season, To Be Constitutionally Inclined to Gallantry, To Have Peas in the Pot, To Be Hunky, To Be Affy, To Be Mashed, and finally To Be Primed.


06/09/2022 “Factoids”   Leave a comment

These are 10 items that are truly miscellaneous. As I gather all of my trivia together there are always a few things that can’t be categorized, and I thought I’d share some of them with you today. Here they are . . .

  • Charles E Weller is best known for a single sentence he created, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.” It was invented for use as a typing exercise.
  • The original name of the Girl Scouts was the “Girl Guides’.
  • Robert L. Ripley was the first person inducted into the National Trivia Hall of Fame in 1980.
  • Did you know that the only two letters that are not on a telephone are the Q & Z.
  • The initials M. G. On the famous British automobile stand for the Morris Garage.
  • It was in 153 B.C. the Romans first marked January 1st as the beginning of the new year.
  • How many of you know that the group motto for the Salvation Army is “Blood & Fire”?
  • The middle day of a non-leap year year is July 2nd. There’s 182 days before it, and 182 after it.
  • Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Gen. George Patton were dyslexic?
  • In 1871 the rickshaw was invented by American Baptist missionary Jonathan Goble. He had a Japanese carpenter build the original rickshaw for his invalid wife in Yokohama.


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