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07-30-2013   4 comments

Today turned into a real adventure quite by accident.  The sun was shining and I had no plans of any kind for a change.  My only chore was to deliver my better-half to work and to pick her up later in the afternoon.  I suppose I could have just worked around the house or even cut the grass but I wanted something a little more interesting.

I purchased a new Nikon SLR two weeks ago and I really needed to spend a little time learning how to use it.  I packed up my camera and the rest of my equipment and made my way to the marshland located along the coast. I arrived there in short order and made my preparations to enter the swamp.  I was there primarily to photograph dragonflies but I had a small problem. If I doused myself in Off then the dragonflies were sure not to come near me but if I didn’t use the Off I was sure to be eaten alive by thousands of mosquitos.  I used a moderate amount of the spray, picked up my camera and monopod and trekked into the swamps.

Photographing insects requires the use of a macro lens that then requires the use of a monopod to steady the camera to get that perfectly clear shot.  I have to say it sounds much easier than it actually is.  I sat crouched in that damn swamp for two hours because I’ve been told that patience is always necessary for any photographer.  It was close to eighty-five degrees with no breeze of any kind.  I began to sweat like I’d just run the Boston marathon.  Unfortunately bugs just love sweaty humans to buzz around and bother and then to sting when they’re swatted away.  It became quite difficult to sit quietly while surrounded by a few hundred of my newest friends. Photography Tip #1: Use as much bug spray as you can.  Take a damn bath in it if you must.

I managed between bites to take a number of shots but even the dragonflies were being difficult.  Due to my constant swatting of bugs I was apparently scaring them off  as well.  Everything was just freaking perfect.  Oh yeah, did I mention there are also snakes in that swamp.  As I squatted there I must have seen six or seven slithering in the waters around me.  Photography Tip #2:  Never wear sneakers when working in a swamp, it bothers the snakes.

I lasted as long as I could and actually was able to take a few dozen pictures and a few of them appear to be pretty good.  I’m really happy with the new camera and I’m sure we’ll have a long and happy relationship together.  It felt good to get out in the wild for a bit but it will probably take a few days for all of these bug bites to heal.   I can’t wait to get these photo’s onto my computer later so I can really see if there as good as I think they are.

All in all it was a fun day and I look forward to many more just like it before the snow flies. The downside to any really good day is returning to reality which always kind of sucks. I’ll pick up my better-half in a few minutes and then head home for dinner and a quiet night. 

07-20-2013   3 comments

Time for a journal entry and to play a little catch-up with what’s happening in my boring life.  First things first; it’s freaking hot, second; it’s freaking humid, and thirdly; I’m freaking sweating my ass off.  There, I don’t feel any cooler or any better but it just felt good to bitch at someone other than my better-half. She’s has that “I’m going to kill you if you whine about the heat just one more time”, look in her eyes.  Truthfully she can be a little scary when provoked. 

I decided to live in Maine for a number of reasons.  I dislike hot weather and I thought by moving here I could escape the worst of it.  Well that dream ended this year.  I might as well be living in Florida, Arizona, or even freaking Death Valley.  I think it’s time for the better-half and me to consider moving north a few hundred miles where it’s a bit cooler.  The downside to that is we’d be living in Canada.  That’s almost as bad as living where it’s too hot.  In my humble opinion Canada sucks both politically and personally.  That should piss a few people off but I don’t really care, it’s to hot to give a damn.

I started out a few days ago to get into the woods to try out my new 24.5 megapixel Nikon camera.  I lasted about as long as it took me to drive to the area.  I would have looked silly with my camera and other equipment pulling a little red wagon behind me filled with bottles of water.  Just too effing hot.

The all knowing and all seeing weather forecasters are predicting a break in the heat sometime before I die.  I try never to believe them because they seem to be more wrong than right.  We had a short period last night of actual real wind.  I went out on the deck to enjoy the breeze and found out something else entirely.  Black flies apparently love a cool breeze too.  Between them and the mosquitos I was screwed.  I retreated back into the gigantic oven we call our home and turned on every ceiling fan I could find.  It was like trying to watch TV while sitting on an airport runway.

So I’ve bitched and complained as much as I care to about the weather.  It’s time to return to my life and the birthday party due to start in an hour.  I’m doing all the cooking on a nice hot grill.  I just can’t get a break.

Before I go I’d like to thank the new followers of this blog.  I hope you others visit their sites and enjoy their blogs as much as I do.  Thank you all:

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05-20-2013   4 comments

I started out today writing a post on political polling.  Upon completion I reread it and found myself bored to actual tears.  I may post it in the future but every time I write about politics or politicians I feel kinda dirty.  Someday soon when I’m having one of those “I hate politicians” days I’ll post it. Today I feel like passing along a few more items of totally useless information to help make your lives richer and fuller.  Here we go.

  • Too much coffee can kill you. A lethal dose for an average adult is around 10 grams. That’s the equivalent of drinking between fifty and two hundred cups in rapid succession.
  • Malaria mosquitos are attracted to ripe Limburger cheese and smelly feet.
  • Members of the U.S. Congress are the highest paid legislators in the world.
  • Toilet paper was invented by the Chinese. In 1391 they produced 720,000 sheets a year for exclusive use of the emperor. Each sheet measured 2 feet by three feet.
  • Disney World in  Orlando covers 30,400 acres or 46 square miles.  That’s twice the size of Manhattan.
  • A cockroaches brain is spread throughout it’s body., If you chop off the head, it can still live up to a week. It finally dies because it can’t eat.
  • You can get cooties. Cooties are lice.
  • Mosquito repellant does not repel mosquitos. It blocks their sensors so they don’t know your there.
  • Poison ivy is a member of the cashew family of plants that supplies us with cashews and pistachio nuts.
  • Charlie Chaplin once lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.  He didn’t even make it to the finals.
  • Artists have more sexual partners.
  • The Puritan’s bought beer to America.
  • Antarctica is the only continent without owls.
  • A ten gallon hat only holds three-quarters  of a gallon.
  • The first film version of Frankenstein was a fifteen minute silent produced by Thomas Edison.

Well there you have it.  I saved you all from a boring political rant and offered up this collection of incredible information at the same time.  We do live in miraculous times, don’t we? I’m out the door and on my way in five minutes so ending this right now is necessary. Consider it ended.

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