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11/08/2022 “Strange History”   Leave a comment

Today is a good a day as any to look back through history to find some strange rules, laws or customs. In the past I’ve shown some seriously strange laws still on the books in this country. Now let’s take a trip back into history look at some of their foibles because in truth some of theirs are way stranger than ours.

  • It was once proposed in the Rhode Island legislature in the 1970s that there be enacted a two-dollar tax on every act of sexual intercourse.
  • A law was passed in England requiring all corpses to be buried in a wool shroud, thereby extorting support for Britain’s flagging wool trade. The act was repealed 148 years later, in 1814.
  • The average age of Elizabethan and Jacobean brides was about 24 and their bridegrooms around 27. The primary reason for delayed marriages was to limit births among poor people. The higher the social status, however, the younger the age at marriage.
  • As in Abraham’s time, it was the custom among men in Rome, when swearing to tell the truth, to place one’s right hand on one’s testicles. The English word testimony is related to this custom.

  • When a Chinese bystander ashore was killed accidentally by a cannon salvo of greeting from an English ship, during the early days of the China-Western trade, the English were forced to turn over to China the hapless gunner, who was promptly strangled.
  • The Tinguian people of the Philippines have their own way of kissing. They put their lives close to each other’s face and quickly inhale.
  • In 1853 Illinois passed a law that required any black entering the state and staying more than 10 days to pay a fine of $50. If he could not pay, the black could be sold into slavery for a period commensurate with the fine.
  • Over the centuries, playing cards have been put to strange uses. They became the first paper currency of Canada when the French governor, in 1685, use them to pay off some war debts. In 1765, the year of the Stamp Act, when every pack of playing cards was being taxed one shilling, they were also used for class admission at the University of Pennsylvania. Napoleon even used them as a ration cards during the French Revolution.
  • The town of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, England, carries on the multi-century custom called the “Weighing-in Ceremony.” In early May, the town’s mayor, mayoress, deputy town mayor, deputy mayoress, town clerk, and district counselors representing wards in the town’s boundaries are weighed in order to learn if they have grown fat at the public trough.


01/22/2022 The Seven Wonders X 4   Leave a comment

The first mention of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was in the 5th century BCE. They were some of the greatest human achievements at that time. The list was used over the centuries by many medieval writers but was mainly concerned with the accomplishments of the Greek or Roman empires. At that time very little was known of faraway cultures and their creations. Here is the traditional list of seven:

Giza Pyramids (Egypt), The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Iraq), Temple of Artemis (Turkey), Statue of Zeus (Greece), the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (Turkey), the Colossus of Rhodes (Greece), and the Pharos of Alexandria (Egypt).

While these seven were indeed a wonder, there were many other places elsewhere on the globe with achievements worthy of mention. Here are just a few to make my point:

The Great Wall (China), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Machu Picchu (Peru), the Taj Mahal (India), the Moai Statues (Easter Island), the Aztec Temple of Tenochtitlan (Mexico), the Shwedagon Pagoda (Myanmar), and the Coliseum (Italy).

These were just a few. I could easily have named at least two dozen more. Let’s change categories now to name the Seven Wonders of the Industrial Age.

The Transcontinental Railroad (USA), the London Sewer System England), the Panama Canal (Panama), Hoover Dam (USA), the Three Gorges Dam (China), the Banaue Rice Terraces (Philippines), and the Bell Rock Lighthouse (Scotland).

What about the modern world and it’s wonders? Here are seven more to consider:

Itaipu Dam (Brazil), the Channel Tunnel (England/France), the Twin Towers (USA), the Zuider Zee Dam (Netherlands), the Petronas Towers (Indonesia), the CN Tower (Canada), and the Burj Khalifa (UAE).

I’ve offered up a lot of information here and many will likely disagree with some of my choices. The point of this historical rampage was to show that creativity and wonder aren’t limited to one country or one continent. The wonders of the world are too numerous to list, and every country has their own favorites. I find it amazing that as a species we have so many similarities and so little understanding of each other. Maybe someday it will improve.


07-29-2015 Journal–A Night in South Canada!   Leave a comment


I’m only making a joke about South Canada.  My better-half and I spent our evening yesterday enjoying some of the crowds and nightlife in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  I call it south Canada because the majority of people I mingled with last night were speaking French.  Does anyone but me think that the French language is sexy?

I’ve had a fantasy since age eleven that had me moving to France, meeting a beautiful French women, and having her whisper sweet nothings in my ear forever.  Last night will probably be as close as I ever get to fulfilling that fantasy.  I sat next to a rather attractive women who spoke to the bartender in French to order a drink.  I have no idea what she ordered but that sexy voice speaking French really got me going.  Am I a bad man?  If I am, I don’t think I care that I am.

We started out in the Strike Zone Bar with drinks and a great baked haddock dinner. Then it was a nice walk to the Pier and the beach in the center of town where a concert was in progress. The Salvation Army was out in force, had erected a rather cool stage, and the group “Unbound” was rocking the house.



After their final set we set off to the amusement park to throw away some of our hard earned money on those normally hokey carnival style games.  I dropped five bucks throwing ten stupid whiffle balls into holes trying to win a stuffed animal. Fortunately I didn’t win, thank God.  The last thing we need is more stuffed animals in our house.  I already feel like I’m living with Jim Henson as it is.


Here are a few snaps I  took as we walked around.



It’s a requirement of my better-half to make the obligatory trip to the arcade to rub elbows and everything else we have with the crowds of people and to play a few games of Skee Ball.  It allows her to reminisce for a few minutes about bringing her kids here when they were growing up.  Since they’ve grown up and gone I get to be their stand-in.


Our last stop for the night was at DQ for ice cream and I went a little overboard. I’ve been dreaming about a big disgustingly unhealthy banana split since last summer. I violated every eating rule established by my healthcare experts and pigged out.  It was freaking orgasmic to say the least.


And so ended another night in South Canada where fun was being had by all. We’ll be returning soon on a future weekend to spend the afternoon on the beach and the night cruising around and enjoying the beautiful weather.  I may be forced to sign up for a night school course to bone up on my French language skills. I need to know how to order a Jack Daniels and Pepsi like they do in Quebec.

07-20-2013   3 comments

Time for a journal entry and to play a little catch-up with what’s happening in my boring life.  First things first; it’s freaking hot, second; it’s freaking humid, and thirdly; I’m freaking sweating my ass off.  There, I don’t feel any cooler or any better but it just felt good to bitch at someone other than my better-half. She’s has that “I’m going to kill you if you whine about the heat just one more time”, look in her eyes.  Truthfully she can be a little scary when provoked. 

I decided to live in Maine for a number of reasons.  I dislike hot weather and I thought by moving here I could escape the worst of it.  Well that dream ended this year.  I might as well be living in Florida, Arizona, or even freaking Death Valley.  I think it’s time for the better-half and me to consider moving north a few hundred miles where it’s a bit cooler.  The downside to that is we’d be living in Canada.  That’s almost as bad as living where it’s too hot.  In my humble opinion Canada sucks both politically and personally.  That should piss a few people off but I don’t really care, it’s to hot to give a damn.

I started out a few days ago to get into the woods to try out my new 24.5 megapixel Nikon camera.  I lasted about as long as it took me to drive to the area.  I would have looked silly with my camera and other equipment pulling a little red wagon behind me filled with bottles of water.  Just too effing hot.

The all knowing and all seeing weather forecasters are predicting a break in the heat sometime before I die.  I try never to believe them because they seem to be more wrong than right.  We had a short period last night of actual real wind.  I went out on the deck to enjoy the breeze and found out something else entirely.  Black flies apparently love a cool breeze too.  Between them and the mosquitos I was screwed.  I retreated back into the gigantic oven we call our home and turned on every ceiling fan I could find.  It was like trying to watch TV while sitting on an airport runway.

So I’ve bitched and complained as much as I care to about the weather.  It’s time to return to my life and the birthday party due to start in an hour.  I’m doing all the cooking on a nice hot grill.  I just can’t get a break.

Before I go I’d like to thank the new followers of this blog.  I hope you others visit their sites and enjoy their blogs as much as I do.  Thank you all:

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A few days ago I posted a bit of humor about men visiting Lowes at different stages of their lives.  I tag these types of posts as humor but as always there are a few of you out there who insist on taking things as a personal attack.  I received a somewhat smarmy email from a gentleman in Canada who took me to task for having made men look too foolish.  I won’t assume anything about someone who sees a posting described as humor and then takes time out of his busy day to write an email complaining about the humor. He truly must be a Canadian.

Being the fair minded individual that I am I’ll dedicate this HUMEROUS post in his honor with the hopes he has a women in his life who can explain it to him.  If I’m going to receive stupid and inane emails I’d prefer them to be from women.   As a warning to all of you folks in Canada, THIS POSTING CONTAINS HUMOR.  Be on your guard.

What Woman Desire in Men


  • Handsome
  • Works Out Regularly
  • Charming
  • Financially Successful
  • A Caring Listener
  • An Imaginative and Romantic Lover


  • Nice Looking
  • Listens More Than Talks
  • Smells Good
  • Carries Groceries With Ease
  • Owns at Least One Tie
  • Requires Sex Once a Week


  • Not Too Ugly – Bald OK
  • Doesn’t Smell Too Bad
  • Usually Wears a Shirt to Cover His Stomach
  • Remembers to Put the Toilet Lid Down
  • Shaves on Most Weekends
  • Requires Sex Once a Month


  • Keeps Hair in Nose and Ears Trimmed
  • Doesn’t Belch or Scratch in Public
  • Doesn’t Nod Off While I’m Talking
  • Remembers My Name
  • Shaves on Some Weekends
  • Requires Sex Once a Quarter


  • Remembers Where the Bathroom Is
  • Can Stand By Himself
  • Usually Wears Some Clothes
  • Social Security Eligible
  • Remembers Where He Left His Teeth
  • Vaguely Remembers Sex


  • Collecting Social Security
  • Can Still Drive
  • Breathing
  • Breathing
  • Breathing
  • Breathing

There you have it ladies.  If you find any omissions or errors please drop me a comment or email with the particulars.  I’ll immediately forward them to my new Canadian friend for his thoughts on the matter.  I’m just kidding of course.  My only message for Ontario Joe is BITE ME!

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