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07-29-2016 Journal – Sleeping Naked?!   Leave a comment


I mentioned in a previous post that I was looking forward to a few days vacation while my better-half was babysitting at her daughter’s home.  It’s coming to an end today and while I’ve missed her terribly my sleep has been much improved.  I actually slept for a full eight hours last night for the first time in months.  Add that together with a large bed, a beautiful ceiling fan, and my naked butt . . . it was glorious.


This is sleeping OMFG naked.

I take a look of heat from my better-half because I insist on sleeping naked. Since leaving home at age eighteen and except for two years in the Army this is my preferred method of sleeping.  I’m confused as to why so many people roll their eyes when I tell them that.  Are they prudes?  Are they religiously offended? Who knows.  One thing for sure I will defended myself vigorously if someone decides to ridicule me.


I first have to determine exactly where they’re coming from before I retaliate.  Do they object to the word NAKED or the fact that I’m really bare assed naked in bed. I like for critics to be specific to avoid confusing me because there is a term that’s overused in some areas of the country that is similar but has a totally different meaning. That word is NEKID!  Sleeping nekid means something very different than sleeping naked.  Being nekid means there won’t be much sleeping going on and the nekid person is there to take care of business (if you get my drift).


Who knew Harry and Draco slept nekid?

Upon her return to our bed tonight I will greet her very, very naked with serious thoughts of becoming nekid at some point.  For you critics out there don’t be afraid to think outside-the-box (no pun intended) for a change. You won’t regret it.


07-15-2013   2 comments

I hope all of you celebrated that fantastic and relatively new national observance yesterday, International Nude Day.  Forevermore the fourteenth of July will be naked day, a day for streaking or strutting your stuff on the nude beach of your choice.  I suppose if your exceptionally brave you can give it a go on a normal public beach but it could get a little dicey.  You can never forget just how prudish and hypocritical we citizens of the United States can be. 

We love our porn, prostitution is flourishing, dozens of skin magazines are published every month, and revealing clothing is the order of the day with most fashion houses and clothing retailers. Adult Shops and peep shows are thriving but if any young mother attempts to feed her infant in public, she’s ridiculed and forced to cover her breast, baby, and sometimes her head so as not to embarrass or shock anyone.  It’s just ridiculous.

Hypocrisy comes easily to righteous people who criticize others for what they do themselves.  That’s why I’m surprised this observance was ever enacted. Here’s a short blurb explaining just what’s going on.

* * *

New Zealand’s (and now the world’s) National Nude day is not a public holiday but a day to celebrate the human form.

Brain child of former All Black and TV presenter Marc Ellis, National Nude Day (also now known as International Nude Day) is a celebration of the skin with much fun attached. The concept has been adopted by particularly Dunedin students (Scarfies) where getting nude is nothing new. Dunedin is a legend University City in the south of New Zealand.

Nude Day is a one day a year that all in NZ can celebrate nudeness, nakedness, being in the nuddy, running free in all your original raw beauty, putting on your best birthday suit. It’s day everyone can participate in, fat, skinny, big, small, firm, soft and the flabby can all get involved.

Everyone in the world celebrate your body and celebrate New Zealand and the Worlds Nude Day it’s liberating and it’s beautiful. Our bodies are the only things we own, be proud of them no matter what shape or size you are.

* * *

So lets all get out there, strip off some clothing and show the world how sophisticated we pretend to be.  Just get two or three friends and waltz along a crowded beach in the buff and watch the fun begin.  The police would appear almost immediately.  Probably quicker for a “naked” call than for a double murder.  There’d be screaming, finger pointing, and panic among those well disguised God Squad members wearing their bikinis and thongs.  Is being naked all that much different than that.  I don’t think so.  Plan on a grand celebration next year.  Naked, dancing, strutting, and proud.

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