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08-08-2016 Journal – August in Maine!   Leave a comment

I have to say that the last week of weather has been as good as it can get for Maine in August.  Temperatures during the day have been in the mid-80’s and dropping into the mid-50’s at night. Just perfect.  Since it’s been so nice we decided to take our visitors for a day trip to Portland.  A hot and sunny Sunday in August means lots of tourist and thousands of people to watch.  Finding parking is usually a problem but we got lucky, parked the car, and headed down Commercial Street into the Old Port.


Commercial Street runs right along the length of the harbor and always has some nice shots available of the boats.


The ladies were in and out of a dozen shops and buying, buying, and buying. I spent most of that time people watching and taking a few pictures for future use.



We returned home tired and hungry and began the preparation of our dinner. Shish-kabobs, salads, pies, cakes, and a growler full of Goat Island Light beer. Since it was my birthday my better-half bought me the only beer I like. and it was wonderful.  After dinner we made our way to the beach located in Scarborough, Maine. A cool breeze was blowing and the water was perfect for wading and relaxing.



The clouds just kept getting darker and darker but it never rained.

It didn’t take long to tire us all out and we returned home to relax for the rest of the night.  Another great day and an even better birthday.




04-10-2015 Journal – WTF More Snow!   Leave a comment

With a major warming trend gripping Maine I was swept away with a huge dose of Spring Fever this week.  I moved my grill from storage, cleaned it up, and cooked my first feast for 2015.  I spent some quality time on the deck reading one of my favorite books with my favorite lazy cat.  Life was slowly improving and I began to throw off those Winter doldrums. 

I decided that since a great deal of the snow had disappeared I’d take a trip to the coast to look around a little.  I worked my way up the coast to the inlet where the great Scarborough Marsh empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  This inlet is populated by a large number of lobster boats and their owners and is the area where you can buy the freshest lobsters in town.  There was a lot of activity in the harbor with the boats being cleaned and readied for the warmer weather.



As you can see by these photos it was a gray day but slowly showing some signs of Spring.  I should have known better than to get my hopes up because the weather in Maine is nothing if not fickle.


I awoke yesterday prepared to face the day and to begin the cleanup of my yard and garden.  How stupid am I? I walked to my bedroom window, looked out, and saw an overnight deposit of four inches of snow. WTF!



Now I’m once again depressed and irritated.  While listening to the radio today I heard about the Freezing Rain Alert for tomorrow where high winds, sleet, and power outages are expected.  What did we ever do to deserve this I wonder?

I think it’s time for me to sit quietly, sip a glass of my favorite brandy, and relax so my head doesn’t explode. 

03-15-2015 Journal – A Slow News Day!   Leave a comment

During all of my working life I prayed for a slow news day. A day where I could sit on my butt and do absolutely northing except relax.  I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I have days like that and I just don’t appreciate them like I once did.  Shame on me I guess.

Two days ago my better-half surprised me when she arrived home from work at 11 am, four hours early.  It was a good surprise and definitely not what you first thought when you read that.  We had half a day to just kick back and do whatever we wanted.  Since it was a sunny and freezing cold day we decided a quiet drive with our cameras would be perfect.  We made our way to the coast but taking pictures there in the winter is a major yawn.  Dirty snow and ice just isn’t anything I need more pictures of.





After a half-hour passed we decided to just drive straight north to Portland  for a visit to a few of our favorite pubs.  Our first stop was a tavern along the waterfront called Three Dollar Dewey’s. This is a regular watering hole for us where the better-half can have her Shipyard beer and a side of fries and I can have an ice cold vodka-tonic with onion rings.  The drinks were grand and the food was even better. 


This is the official T-shirt logo for Dewey’s which explains where and how the name of the bar was created.  Maybe next trip I’ll try for a $2 Feelie. Then we walked a quarter mile down the street to our second favorite place, The Dry Dock Tavern.



The Dry Dock is a warm and cozy place to spend an hour or so in the cold Maine winter but it’s even better in the summer.  They have a large second floor deck which offers an unbelievable view of Portland harbor where you can relax and sip a cool margarita or two and catch a few rays.

We had a great day even though it was as cold as hell. The snow melt continues and in just a few weeks  Spring will actually arrive. 

I hope to make this summer one to remember.

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