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01-24-2014 – Journal Entry   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here this morning trying to decide whether leaving this warm bed is the smartest thing to do. The weather remains problematic as always and I’m not in the mood to deal with it today.  It’s been in the deep freeze here for two weeks and it isn’t expected to warm up anytime soon.  The only thing I know for sure is that I can’t spend the next two months in this bed as much as I’d like to.

I’ve been trying to be as careful as possible with all of the snow and ice we’ve been having.  Now that my broken leg is almost healed I’m deathly afraid of slipping or falling and ending up back in the hospital.  I’m walking very softly these days.

The better-half stumbled out of bed early today for another shopping safari with her daughter.  It was unplanned but she responded immediately to the telephone call, rolled out of bed and hit the ground running.  Nothing is more important than spending a little quality time with her grandson and shopping at the same time.  If she’s lucky she may be completely awake by the time they arrive to pick her up but she’s like a zombie right now.

I began a small construction project this week which has been on hold because of this cold weather. I plan on removing a large window in our living room and I need at least three hours of warmer weather to do it.  It shouldn’t take too long to remove the window, replace the missing studs and insulation  and then close up the hole.  I can finish the rest from the inside of the house in just a few hours of drywalling and painting.  I must be out of my mind doing this in February.  Why I didn’t I do it in September is beyond me.  I’ll just sit around for another week or two waiting for a few hours of temperatures above the freezing mark.  Hurry up and wait.

I have a quiet day planned for today but it never seems to work out that way. I need to spend at least forty five minutes on the dreaded treadmill before I do anything else.  It’s been a huge help in rehabilitating my leg.  It still amazes me how much a limb can deteriorate in such a short period of time.  Another week should have my injured leg back to it’s normal size.  Rebuilding lost muscle tissue is difficult and time consuming but must be done as quickly as possible.

Since the better-half has four days off I thought I’d surprise her with a night on the town.  I have a few ideas of places to visit with the Great Lost Bear  heading the list. It’s the best place in the Portland area where she can feed her ever increasing addiction to smoking hot chicken wings.  They specialize in XXX wings that are hot enough to set your hair on fire.  The second possibility is The Strike Zone located in Old Orchard Beach and their specialty is deep fried everything.  It’s a typically small sports bar where deep fried foods are the rule of the day. My weight loss program will be at serious risk if we go there but OMG the food is delicious.

It’s time to get motivated and moving.  I love Winter.

04-19-2013   2 comments

Another sunny and warm day here in Maine.  I’m already getting spoiled by all this good weather and it isn’t even May yet.  I wasn’t all that motivated today but after a couple of cups of good coffee I was raring to go. I had a few errands to run and decided to get them out of the way early.

I first made my way to my favorite book store to return a few paperbacks and to buy a few more.  When you read as much as I do it can get very expensive very quickly so a cute little store like this is a god send.  I returned five novels and repurchased six new ones for a grand total of $13.00.  As always I also get fifteen or twenty minutes of excellent and intelligent conversation at no cost.  It’s nice to find a person who is well read and can speak on almost any subject and keep it interesting.

After returning home with my bag of guilt, that once-a-month fast food sin I permit myself, I sat on the deck and ate a thick, greasy, juicy, luscious, and heartwarming hamburger. I can’t even explain what an evil pleasure it gives me along with some salty, oily, and scrumptious french fries.  You know when the slop your eating and clogging your arteries with is good when you‘re required to wipe your hands and arms to remove the excess salt and oil. Soooooo effing good!

After partaking of my weaknesses for bad food the guilt was almost unbearable (I did say almost). I decided as penance that I needed to do something worthwhile today which led me to the workshop for primer and painting supplies.  I primed a section of my remodeled room, got paint all over me, and then said the hell with it.  I cleaned up, took a shower, and settled into the living room with my X-Box. Nothing like a couple of hours of roaming through the world of Harry Potter to relax a person.  It was great as always.

My better-half came home from work and surprise, surprise, neither of us felt much like cooking.  Into the car and off to our favorite sports bar, The Strike Zone.  It just so happened to be “all you can eat” haddock night.  So in the spirit of the moment we sat there with a couple of good drinks and stuffed ourselves with all the haddock we could eat and it was incredible.  There was one low point to the evening which will require me to drop a note to the chef on my next visit.  They have the absolute worst coleslaw I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.  Any person serving coleslaw that tastes that bad should be beaten and then arrested and then have his ass kicked again.

I wish I could be a kinder and gentler person but but when someone screws up my coleslaw it really pisses me off. I think I may need some food style anger management.

04-05-2013   Leave a comment

I think I’m finally returning to my calm and normal self after the last two days of whining and complaining about every useless thing that was bothering me.  It appeared to be a combination of finally finishing a difficult job I’d worried about for many weeks and the normal let down after the fact. Leave it up to my better-half to figure out a perfect solution.

She returned home from work in early afternoon and immediately advised me to clean up because we we going out for a Dutch Treat dinner.  How could I possibly complain about that?  Regardless of what you might think I clean up pretty good and it wasn’t long before I was ready for my night on the town. My chauffeur pulled up in her car and off we went.

We have a number of restaurants we frequent but for me it’s all about the food.  If the food is good I can eat it sitting in the middle of a junk yard and still be happy.  I worked for many years throughout the south and became hooked on that good old down home southern food that their so famous for.  Catfish, collard greens, black eyed peas, somehow climbed to the top of my favorite foods list. No matter what northern restaurant chains claim their attempts to cook authentic southern cuisine is usually pitiful.

My all-time favorite southern dish is country fried chicken with that unbelievable white gravy and biscuits.  One of our regular restaurants has a chef who must have been born down south and stolen his grandmother’s favorite recipes. That’s where my better-half planned our dinner and I wasn’t disappointed.  The chicken was cooked perfectly and the biscuits and gravy were even better.  Throw in a serving of coleslaw and a side of mashed red potatoes with just a hint or garlic and you’ve arrived in heaven. I pigged out and cleaned my plate like a freaking vacuum cleaner.  I was fat and sassy as I downed an excellent gin and tonic to complete things.

My better-half was busy texting for few minutes and when she finished I was advised we’d be meeting some friends at another local establishment for a nightcap or two.  She actually paid the bill, left a good tip, and we were off.  We arrived at a place that is part sports bar, part restaurant, and part beach hangout in the summer. They were so busy it seemed a little like a hot summer evening with the place packed with beach people.  I said that jokingly because it’s really April in Maine and cold as hell.  Our friends arrived just as we finally were seated in our booth and we had a few drinks and a lot of laughs.  My sober designated driver delivered me safely home at a reasonable hour to end a perfect night.

The night didn’t last much longer because the better-half had a 4am wake-up call.  Fortunately she has a vacation week scheduled next week due to the anticipated arrival or her oldest son from LA. He’s in for a three day visit and that should keep her hopping and occupied for the entire week. Since next week is sure to a hectic one I plan on enjoying this weekend as much as humanly possible.

It’s been twelve hours since that  great meal and I’m still tasting those garlic potatoes. Can’t wait to do it again.

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