09/10/2022 Looney Limerick Alert   Leave a comment

It’s 5:30 am and everyone is sleeping in (I hope). It’s only fair that I start this weekend with some looney limericks to help me stay awake. Not bawdy rhymes but good clean fun for all. Then it’s back to bed for another hour of sleep for me. Enjoy!

By Frank Jacobs

There once was a skunk in the dell

Who hated all people , they tell;

“Human beings,” he said,

Always fill me with dread,

Plus they give off that terrible smell!”


By Mary Mapes Dodge

There once was a knowing raccoon

Who didn’t believe in the moon;

“Every month – don’t you see?

There’s a new one,” said he;

No real moon could wear out so soon.!”


By Frank Jacobs

A very large woman name Kate

Is six hundred pounds overweight;

On an overseas trip

She transported by ship

In a wooden container marked “Freight.”


By Gelett Burgess

I’d rather have fingers than toes;

I’d rather have ears than a nose;

And as for my hair,

I’m glad it’s still there;

I’ll be awfully sad when it goes.


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