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11-06-2015 Journal – Shopping, Eating, & Drinking!   Leave a comment

This is the second chapter of our visit with my better-half’s family members as we made our way through the streets of Portland, Maine.  For this late in the year this Sunday was absolutely perfect.  Sunny and warm with lots of people on the streets enjoying what remains of our Indian Summer.  I wore my comfortable shoes in preparation for hours of walking and shopping with the ladies.  It was all of that and more.



Portland offers a crazy selection of coffee shops, galleries, and gift shops and it felt like we visited all of them.  The women shopped and we men were dragged kicking and screaming through the streets waiting desperately for food and drink, and even a cigars for one of us.


We were in and out of so many different shops and I’m not kidding when I say we could have purchased damn near anything.  Look at these little gems we found displayed on the sidewalk and before you make any comments, I didn’t buy any.


‘For shopper’s who need a little weirdness in their lives.’


Our final stop was at our favorite tavern, Three Dollar Dewey’s, for a healthy four course meal of Gin, popcorn, nacho’s, french fries, and a delicious piece of strawberry shortcake.





We had our fill of food and drink and returned to the car feeling fat and sassy.  It was a short ride home where we could kick back and relax a little more. The visitors needed a good nights sleep before their departure the next morning as they headed south for Rhode Island. 


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It’s been an interesting few weeks for me starting with my annual doctor’s visit.  They always try to put a good spin on things until the very end of the visit.  Everything’s fine, everything looks good, the blood tests were perfect except for “one little thing”.  I’m a little paranoid of doctors on a good day but when you here “one little thing” you just hold your breath because you know something bad is coming.

It wasn’t a major catastrophe but worrisome none the less.  I’m in the diabetes danger zone with my blood sugar and steps need to be taken to remedy the problem immediately.  That entails being placed on a no sugar and no carb diet.  What that really means is I’ll never be able to eat a decent meal again or at least for quite some time.  The upside is that if I’m able to lose enough weight I’ll be able to stop taking 90% of the prescription medication I’m currently taking for blood pressure and cholesterol.  The doctor was rather adamant about his instructions which convinced me to pay close attention and do what I’m told for once.  Since my father died from diabetes related problems it’s time for me to wise up and get with the program. No more sugar, no more carbs, reduced dairy, reduced portions, and a minimum of twenty minutes of vigorous walking a day.

My first step was to inform my better-half who as always is there for support. My second step was making a trip to the local Sears where I found a treadmill that would fill my requirements.  With Winter approaching, walking on the roads becomes problematic and I hate being required to drive any distance to a gym. It was delivered a week later and that’s when the fun begin.  Being the cheap bastard that I am I refused to pay $75.00 to have it built.  Three hours later I had it in place and operational. For most of my life I’ve played sports of one type of another but never ever used a treadmill.  I was able to use it experimentally for a day or two without killing myself. 

It’s now almost two weeks later and I’m on my way to being a treadmill expert.  This treadmill makes things very easy to do and gives me the ability to track heart rate, incline, distance, and much much more.  I’m doing approximately 35 minutes a day at a medium speed walk.  Having a television in the room has made it even easier.  Starting tomorrow I’m going to do two thirty minutes sessions a day. I’m already down almost ten pounds in the first three weeks.  That’s a little fast but what the hell, it’s all good.

My goal as set by the doctor is a fifteen pound loss by February and an additional fifteen pounds by next August. Then I’ll be lean and mean and hopefully medication free.  It’s a goal worth reaching and could add ten years to my life. I’m good with that. 

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Finally a day without snow or sleet or rain.  I really wish good old Mother Nature could make up her mind on these things.  Maine has always been known for unpredictable weather but in recent years it’s been a little stranger than normal.  The snow has finally stopped, the sun is shining, and the temperature has dropped into the teens. A perfect winter day for taking photographs and walking in the woods.

I loaded my snow shoes and camera into the car and away I went.  I did a two mile walk through the woods along the Scarborough Marsh.  It’s an eleven hundred acre marsh bordering on the ocean and it’s surrounded by woods and a large variety of wildlife.  Today the wildlife was scarce because of the deep snow but there were still plenty of tracks of many of the smaller animals who don’t weigh enough to sink into the snow.

I was able to take quite a few photos and I think some of them are really decent. Unfortunately it was cold enough that my camera became a little sluggish and I was forced to keep it inside my clothing to keep it warm and operational.  The wind chill is around eight degrees but the good thing is a hard crust is forming on the snow. By tomorrow I won’t be needing any clunky snowshoes to get around.

I did find a few of the stupider ducks who must have forgotten to go south for the winter.  There were about twenty of them huddled along the shore in the freezing water having a meeting to elect a new navigator.  The one they have must be a moron.

I did catch a quick look at my nemeses, the big fat barn owl I’ve been trying to get photos of forever.  He’s always around but never sitting still or close enough for me to a good shot.  I keep telling myself, be patient, and I’ve been telling myself that for almost two years.  He’s either extremely lucky or just a lot smarter than I am.

The cold finally began getting to me and I retreated back to my car.  It just felt so damn good to get out into the woods without worrying about hunters mistaking me for a cow or some other animal.  I did see quite a few deer tracks but noting fresh. I’d love nothing better than a nice clear picture on a nice clear day of a deer standing alone in the snow.  I’m sure to see a few before the winter ends and hopefully I’ll get lucky soon.  Who knows.

I’m back home now and thawing out a little. I need to take a quick shower and then answer a few emails before dinner.  My better-half’s been craving chicken wings for days and she’d better be using my wing sauce in her preparations or there’ll be hell to pay.

All in all a pretty good day.  I got out of the house for a few hours, walked in the woods, got some fresh air, and took a nice collection of photos.  I’ll take this kind of day any time.

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