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10-25-2013   2 comments

Doing a journal entry today is what I hope will be the beginning of a lazy day.  My better-half is gone until Monday to see her parents in Delaware and to spend a little quality time with her sister in Maryland. She’s on a short four day vacation but guess what, it’s also a vacation for me and the cat.

The cat doesn’t say much but I know he’s been enjoying himself a great deal.  He finally has total control and ownership of her half of the bed and is making the most of it.  He’s not all that big but if he sprawls out he can cover a pretty large area.  He hasn’t left the bed for more than a few minutes since she departed and I’m sure I can anticipate an interesting evening on Monday when she returns.  Since the cat can be almost as stubborn as my better-half it should be quite a show.

I was able to get a lot of tasks completed yesterday and spent a few hours running from store to store.  Shopping is always a chore because I find myself more interested in people watching than roaming mindlessly around looking for deals. I avoided Walmart completely because people watching there is no longer a challenge. Weirdo’s, freaks, and oddballs as far as the eye can see and that’s just the employees.

I visited another local establishment to look for a few used books and possibly a movie or two.  I picked up a copy of Steven Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence.  It was a little cheaper than I thought it should be which usually means that it sucks and unfortunately it did. After watching it last night I discovered that even the great Spielberg can drop the ball every so often.  I dearly love science-fiction but this move  was a real stinker.  Lesson learned, buy no movies from that store that are priced less than four dollars.

My dieting continues and I’m into my third month.  My bodies adjusted to both the changes in my diet as well as the ever increasingly difficult exercise program.  The workouts have become a normal part of my weeks activities and I’m finally comfortable with them. I’m down twenty-five pounds and going strong.  I hit a plateau that lasted for almost a week where my weight refused to budge but after adjusting the workout routine I finally broke through it.  It was frustrating as hell to be working so hard and seeing no results.  At that time I was exercising twice a day, seven days a week.  I cut back to one session a day, five days a week, and almost instantly began to lose weight again.  The more weight I lose the harder it’s becoming but I just have to persevere and stay mentally strong.  I’m more than half-way to my goal and that keeps me going.

As I mentioned, today is a down day for me.  Nothing too strenuous, no exercising, and no errand running or shopping.  I plan on watching a little TV and reading a lot.  The Maine weather has gotten considerably colder in the last week so staying in and enjoying the quiet time is the perfect thing to do.  Nothing is better than a hot coffee, a good book, and a lot of peace and quiet.

This is my 364th straight day of posting without either graphics or catchy headlines to grab your attention.  My goal of one complete year without missing a day will be completed tomorrow.  Hooray for me.  I’ll be starting the second year of this blog with a fresh outlook, a clear head, catchy headlines, and all the photo’s necessary to keep it interesting. 

03-16-2013   2 comments

Finally a day out of the house.  I’ve been granted a day without thinking of the on going remodel or anything house related thanks to a few of my better-half’s relatives. They’ve decided because of their enjoyable visit to see us last summer that spending a week here this year is just the ticket.  I’m assisting them in their endeavors in finding a home or cottage rental somewhere near the Scarborough or Old Orchard beach areas.

They’ve apparently been looking on-line but haven’t had much luck.  I’m on my way this morning to check out a place located at Camp Ellis, Maine.  This is an area along the coast just north of the city of Saco and has been a harbor for small boats and lobsterman for years.  There’s a large breakwater protecting the harbor and a small beach nearby for sunning and swimming. My job today is to find the building at the address they’ve given me, evaluate the area, and report back.  The renter is asking $1800.00 a week which to me is ridiculous but what the hell do I know.  I’m told it can be as much as $3000.00 a week just a few short miles further north in the Old Orchard Beach area which in my opinion is again highway robbery.

Before any investigation can begin I’ll be forced to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a jolt of fresh coffee and something sweet to make me extra happy.  I want to be as alert and clear headed as possible as I make this evaluation so an extra turbo shot of espresso will be required.

I should mention that this winter has been difficult in certain areas of Maine with terrible wind storms and heavy snow falls. The Camp Ellis area was hit pretty hard in the last storm which I was made aware of as I attempted to reach the address I’m supposed to be checking out.  It’s located on a short little street a short distance from the beach but not only is the road closed and a detour in place but the small beach  is only half the size it once was.  I’m told that the beach was partially washed away in the last storm as well as a few yards of the shore road.  Scratch one potential vacation spot.

I’m now forced to cruise north along the shore road to Old Orchard Beach and Scarborough, a trip of approximately four miles.  It’s a chilly but sunny day making the ride a real pleasure and a perfect opportunity for a little photography.  I hadn’t driven more than a mile when I came on a huge flock of geese that stopped for rest and food in a nearby protected wildlife area.  In just a few minutes I was able to take a few terrific pictures and for a change I had my telephoto lens with me and it worked out perfectly.

I began writing down telephone numbers and the names of local realty companies as I rode along.  I then dropped a voice mail to her relatives with all the information I’d collected.  I hope they find what their looking for at a reasonable price because I’m really looking forward to their visit later in the summer. Spending a week on the beach with them would really kick-start the summers festivities.

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