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08/02/2021 August Already !   Leave a comment

This has been a rather hectic month for me and mine which hasn’t really happened too often since the Pandemic reared its ugly head so many months ago. With the Delta Variant coming into it’s own it appears that masks will be coming back as a fashion statement once again. It just seems that this virus and it’s many faces refuses to fade away. I guess it’ll be here to stay for much longer than we all anticipated. Fortunately for me there isn’t anything I did before that I can’t do now with a mask on.

This will have to do!

Being a senior citizen makes looking back at my life a little nostalgic at times. I wonder what my sex life might have been all those years ago if I’d been forced to comply with the restrictions that the pandemic requires. I feel really bad for the young and sexually active today. It would be well neigh impossible to maintain a reasonable love life if a six foot separation is mandated as well as the ever so attractive masks. It will take a very inventive person or couple to take the steps necessary to have sex and still comply with all the pandemic safeguards.

My Place or Yours?

Truthfully, I’m being sarcastic and a bit facetious as I hope you realize. There isn’t any pandemic that I could think of that will slow anyone down who has sex on his/her mind. For years we couldn’t get people (men) to regularly wear condoms to prevent pregnancies. Then the HIV/AIDS epidemic struck and condoms immediately became the norm rather than just a circular indentation on the back of a wallet. If AIDS didn’t slow everyone down who cares about silly old Covid-19. Where there’s a will there’s always a way.

Where are all the up and coming entrepreneurs when you need them. How about a one size fits all body condom. Maybe a mask with an adjustable opening allowing for the occasional French kiss. We need to find the next Steve Jobs to help us get the ball rolling on some ingenious new devices to assist our lovemaking efforts during these trying times. He could start his own new company and become a zillionaire overnight selling pandemic related sexual devices. He could call the company, CHERRY, just to give Apple something to worry about.

Just a thought or two while I’m sitting here on the deck relaxing. Now it’s time for a Jack and Pepsi to keep my creative juices flowing.

C’mon August.

08-08-2016 Journal – August in Maine!   Leave a comment

I have to say that the last week of weather has been as good as it can get for Maine in August.  Temperatures during the day have been in the mid-80’s and dropping into the mid-50’s at night. Just perfect.  Since it’s been so nice we decided to take our visitors for a day trip to Portland.  A hot and sunny Sunday in August means lots of tourist and thousands of people to watch.  Finding parking is usually a problem but we got lucky, parked the car, and headed down Commercial Street into the Old Port.


Commercial Street runs right along the length of the harbor and always has some nice shots available of the boats.


The ladies were in and out of a dozen shops and buying, buying, and buying. I spent most of that time people watching and taking a few pictures for future use.



We returned home tired and hungry and began the preparation of our dinner. Shish-kabobs, salads, pies, cakes, and a growler full of Goat Island Light beer. Since it was my birthday my better-half bought me the only beer I like. and it was wonderful.  After dinner we made our way to the beach located in Scarborough, Maine. A cool breeze was blowing and the water was perfect for wading and relaxing.



The clouds just kept getting darker and darker but it never rained.

It didn’t take long to tire us all out and we returned home to relax for the rest of the night.  Another great day and an even better birthday.




08-04-2013   Leave a comment

Tomorrow is August fifth and a truly important day for both National and International observances.  Being a Leo myself I sometimes feel that the Month of August gets way more of the crappy observances compared to some other months.  I wish I could remedy that but some things are beyond my power to fix.

There are three observances for tomorrow that need to be highlighted.  The first is International Beer Day.  My better-half celebrates this day like it’s Christmas in August.  I’ll be waist deep in empties in no time at all.  The second observance is National Oyster Day.  I’ve been a big fan of eating oysters for many years and I must tell that that I’ve even spit my share of oysters out car windows as a kid.  If you don’t understand that last statement there’s no hope for you at all.  The third observance is National Underwear Day.  I’m more a fan of a No Underwear Day but that’s just me.   In my humble opinion this observance applies more to women than men because Victoria Secret has made it permissible to ogle and gawk at women in underwear.  By the way, thank you Victoria. 

In order to celebrate these three observances properly I’ll start tomorrow off with a cold beer as soon as I wake up and roll out of bed.  I’ve never tried Cheerios with beer but I might give it a whirl.  I hate the taste of beer and hopefully the cereal would help it along.  I’ll then shower, dry, and moisten my beautiful body and attack the day wearing my finest pair of Incredible Hulk underwear.  They’ll be a little tight but that lovely green color males my blue eyes look a little greener.  I’ll take my better-half to lunch at Ken’s Seaford where can slurp down a dozen oysters at the raw bar.  After that we can cruise through the coastal communities and every so often open the window and deposit an oyster or two along the berm.  If you don’t understand that last statement then there’s no hope for you.

We have hundreds, possibly thousands of these observances thanks in part to our fine collection of legislators.  It’s a our duty as American citizens to proudly support and celebrate these observances in a proper fashion.  Where is your national pride and patriotic zeal when we need it.


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