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06-02-2015 Journal- Neat Freaks & Germaphobes!   2 comments

Using all of my past years of people watching as reference material I’ve come to the conclusion there must be one helluva lot of people in this world who are neat-freaks and germaphobes. There must be hundreds of thousands of us out there because we seem to be mentioned in every TV show and movie there is.  Someone’s always mentioned as being "so anal" or “too anal”.  It irritates me only because I’m one of them.  I’m a certifiable neat-freak and proud of it and have been for years. I’m also reasonably sure that we neat-freaks aren’t nearly as crazy as those damn germaphobes.

* * *

If you aren’t either a neat-freak or germaphobe you may become one after reading the following tidbits of information.  More useless and somewhat disgusting information you probably don’t really want to know. Enjoy it anyway.

  • Bottled water is rarely tested for purity. An Environmental Working Group study found that ten popular brands were riddled with chemicals and pollutants, some as high as regular tap water.
  • About 99% of imported food is never inspected by the FDA or USDA, the two agencies responsible for protecting Americans from tainted products.


  • One pound of peanut butter can contain up to 150 bug fragments and five rodent hairs.
  • One in five coffee mugs contains fecal bacteria and E.coli, which can cause diarrhea, food poisoning, and infections.


  • Vegetarians beware: many low-fat and non-fat yogurts and sweets contain gelatin, which is made from animal tendons, ligaments, and bones.
  • Peaches, apples, nectarines, and strawberries are among the top six "dirtiest" foods, according to investigations by the Environmental Working Group. More than 90 percent of samples of these fruits tested positive for detectable pesticides, even after being rinsed or peeled.


  • Red-colored grocery items like fruit punch and strawberry yogurt are often dyed with carmine, which is made from ground up cochineal beetles. For some, carmine can cause severe allergic reactions and even lead to anaphylactic shock.
  • A diet high in processed meats like sausage, hot dogs, and luncheon meats increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. Chemical reactions that occur during the preparation of these meats yield carcinogens, which could be responsible for the association.


  • The well know poison arsenic is approved by the FDA as an additive to poultry feed and given to at least 70 percent of chickens raised for consumption in the United States.
  • A medium fruit-and-yogurt smoothie at Dunkin’ Donuts contains four times as much sugar as a chocolate frosted cake donut.

In 2008, a Nebraska policeman was awarded $40,000.00 after he sued Taco Bell/KFC restaurant that served his family food containing an employee’s urine and spit.

That’s about enough information for me. Ugh………. Gag me with a spoon.

04-08-2015 Journal – My Favorite Addictions!   6 comments


Over the years I’ve read on a number of occasions about people with addictive personalities. These are people who are drawn to addictive behavior and activities for some unknown reason and can’t ever stop being addicted to something.  I’ve finally decided to admit that I may be one of them.


My first major addiction started when I was just turning twelve years of age.  Both of my parents were smokers and so were my grandparents. This was before anyone was aware of the dangers of smoking and we all thought it was pretty cool.  Most of my friends smoked as well and we spent more time stealing cigarettes from our families than we did actually smoking them. I was so good at taking their cigarettes they never had a clue. It wasn’t until many years later that I told them about it and we all had a laugh or two. It was either steal from them or take a chance of being caught shoplifting in a store.

There was and still is a price to pay for such behavior and I soon found out what karma was all about.  My best friend at the time was my partner in crime and karma reared it’s ugly head in the following incident we were involved in. It occurred at our elementary school where we accidentally started a fire in a nearby  field while sneaking a cigarette that burned that field just prior to the annual Easter egg hunt.  Lots of fried eggs, firemen, and police officers are all I remember about that day. Karma can be a real bitch.

Marijuana was next on my list and I did my best to smoke as much of it as possible over a five year period.  I slowly weaned myself from both marijuana and cigarettes and finally kicked both nasty habits.  I dabbled with alcohol as well a for a while but I could never get into the projectile vomiting thing.


After cleaning up my act I fell into two new addictions which I still have to this day. I’m John and I’m a chocoholic and caffeine addict.  I just can’t stay away from these wonderful things and I promise I never will. Unfortunately it may require that I be buried with a bag of Hersey kisses and a hot cup of Hazelnut coffee.  I won’t even get into my bacon issues which are even worse.  It seems like every addiction I’ve ever had has been bad for me and that pisses me off.  Why can’t I find a really healthy addiction?



My latest and possibly most boring addiction won’t kill me but it does irritate and annoy me. It’s called Words With Friends, a computerized take off of the old Scrabble game and is played on Smart Phones and Tablets.

I’ve tried on a number of occasions to quit but I keep getting pulled back into it by my friends and family members.  It’s maddening at times because it requires that I respond in a reasonable fashion to their game play. There have been times that I’ve had as many as ten games going on at the same time and at that point it becomes more of a chore than fun. I want to stop but the ever present peer pressure to continue is there and plays heavily on my competitiveness. It becomes even more ridiculous when friends and family members become upset with me if I decline to play or if don’t do an immediate rematch.

I need to find a new addiction and fast.  I’ve never been addicted to sex like some people but I could easily be pulled in that direction. Even that seems like too much work if you think about it.  I want a lazier addiction that I can enjoy without it becoming strenuous. 

I’m being forced to continue my never-ending search but in the meantime does anyone out there know a good four letter word that contains a "Q", an "X", and a "J"? 

Where’s that twelve step program when you need one?

10-26-2012   Leave a comment

Well, the time has come to start fresh with a new blog with a more personal approach. This journal will contain whatever I feel like writing at any given moment. I think I’ll skip posting photo’s for now and just let the words come. Since I may be the only person to ever read this blog I’d better make it meaningful or I’ll just piss myself off all over again. The narrative will be ongoing and hopefully worth reading.

* * *

Today was “Dutiful Spouse Day” where I was permitted to travel all over the countryside with my better-half as her loyal chauffeur and chat buddy. She shops and I read a book, maybe window shop, or just people watch.

I decided that a visit to a nearby Home Depot might be fun while she does her shopping thing. I watched a seventy-five year old woman attempting to buy paint from a young lady with a body full of piercings, a red strip of hair down the middle of her head, and a voice that could curdle milk. They discussed and discussed the color match and then cussed about the eventual results. One talking with her hands and the other rolling her eyes and shrugging her shoulders. It never got too heated but it easily could have. The older woman threw the samples down and stormed away in a huff. The young Paint Department associate appeared frustrated by having to give the company required Customer Service to such a bitch.  She held her temper pretty well but her facial shade of purple made it abundantly clear just how much more she had to say but didn’t.

The day drags on with no better-half in sight. I just finished another two chapters of Satanic Verses. That’s the book that caused a great deal of turmoil in it’s day with a fatwa ordered on Salman Rushdie and blah, blah, blah. I don’t really understand why it was such a big deal because it’s unlikely if more than a handful of Muslim’s ever read the damn thing. Listen to this first sentence: “To be born again, sang Gibreel Farishta tumbling from the heavens, “first you have to die. Ho ji! Ho ji! To land upon the bosomy earth, first one needs to fly.” It’s a tough read and I have 545 more pages to go before I shoot myself.  On a extremely good day this tome would make an excellent door stop.

Why is it that not one religious piece of writing more than five hundred years old  makes any sense to me.  I’ve read them all and found them vague and repetitive. It’s no wonder people continue to disagree over them and try to kill each other.  Give me John Grisham any day.

My better-half’s birthday is on the horizon and I’m still struggling to find one more meaningful gift. Add to that my being told today that I’m in need of a Whooping Cough immunization if I plan on spending much time around my step grandson. He’s only a week old and already exerting his control over me.  I’ll just add him to the list.

We’ve now visited another three stores, I’ve downed my fourth cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, and now I have coffee breath, a coffee headache, and a seriously distended bladder.

Things I’ve  learned today:

1. Seeing skinny jeans on a woman in her fifties is just as bad as seeing them on man in his fifties.

2. If you see a huge car moving at an extremely slow speed and there’s no driver’s head visible, slow the hell down and give them room. Eighty years old and going eight miles per hour. Yikes.

3. Don’t drink four large coffee’s in four hours.

Well we’re finally at home and I’ve finished dragging bag after bag of purchases into the house. I still haven’t found that special gift for her but I’ll worry about that tomorrow or the next day.

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