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01-29-2016 Journal – A Creative Motivational Block!   2 comments

I hate to admit this but I suspect I’m suffering from something akin to writers block. It’s a first for me and it’s puzzling.  In all my years of writing reports, letters, and thousand of blog posts I’ve never had a problem thinking of ideas and putting them to paper. That’s why this current creative hiccup is so bothersome. 

I can’t find any mentions of this malady anywhere so let’s just call it a "creative motivational block". I’m still having all of the creative ideas I could ever want or need but my ability to sit down and get them started has become more difficult.  I have of dozens of ideas everyday that are inventive, interesting and unusual but it seems to take forever to put brush to canvas or pencil to sketch book.  It’s maddening.

The second part of my problem is really not a problem at all. For the first time in my life I’m financially able to spend the necessary money to obtain the supplies needed to do these projects.  In years past it was difficult at times to come up with funds which forced me to step outside the box a little and use materials I never thought possible. Maybe the best part of my projects in the past was that ability to overcome those challenges and still get the job done. I really don’t know for sure.

As always the ideas keep coming and while some of them sound good in my head they’re eventually discarded. Others are easy to do and all it requires of me is to sit down and get started. That’s the bloody rub. 

I’ll be ready to start a current project when all  of a sudden more bright ideas come to me and I get sidetracked by them.  I’ll stop to write a few notes on the new ideas and the interest in the other begins to ebb.  It’s a vicious cycle that I’m trying desperately to put a stop to with only moderate success.


I feel at times that I’m so concerned with getting my ideas exactly the way I imagined them that I’m losing the ability to adapt to changes that always seem to come along.  I’m in the middle of a project now that I’ve been fiddling with for a few weeks.  I’ve thought it through over and over again and visualized it to completion. It’s ninety percent complete but I’m lacking that final push.

I’ve always loved challenges but this one is a doozy.

09-21-2015 Journal–2016 Garden Additions!   1 comment

How often do you open your eyes in the morning and spring out of bed to face the day?  If you do, congratulations, but if you don’t then you’re like me.  I lay there for at least ten minutes with my eyes tightly closed and not moving a muscle.  If I made any movement my big hairy alarm clock (the cat) will pounce on me in a flash.  He wants fed and watered and won’t take no for an answer.

If things are really quiet I know my better-half has already left for work making it possible for me to ease into my day.  I make my way to the WC, take care of that business and then to the kitchen to feed the effing cat and get COFFEE!!!!. Without the promise of coffee I’d never leave the bedroom.

I made a trip to Lowes yesterday and purchased some lumber for today’s project. I decided to get a jump on 2016 by making a few alterations to the garden  before the snows arrive.  I’m hardy ever this motivated but I convinced myself to get off my butt and do something useful.



The better-half and I discussed making garden changes last week and I think I even surprised her a little yesterday.  I decided to add two side frames to the garden that will be used to grow nothing but sunflowers.  The total square footage will increase by only 32 square feet but that’s more than enough room for a lot of sunflowers.  The better-half loves them almost as much as the birds that eat them do.

The first chore was to dig up the existing grass for removal to other areas of the yard to re-sod a few bare spots.



The soil in this area contains a lot of clay and it makes growing things difficult. That’s the reason for the frames. They are are to be filled with a lot of good topsoil and fertilizer to help those sunflowers along.


It’s takes a lot of work and time to carefully move the sod. We have one section of the yard that’s refused all of our efforts to grow grass. I’m hoping this effort today will finally solve that problem once and for all.  After all of that work I’m left with two area like this:


Come April and May I’ll be so glad I finished this project today. Thank God for dark roast coffee.

03-26-2013   Leave a comment

Another winter in Maine is finally taking it’s last freaking gasp and will soon be gone. I have only one thing to say to that, "Good-bye, Good Riddance, and Go Away".  In my opinion it’s overstayed it’s welcome by at least two weeks already.  It’s much like a house guest who stays too long causing you to start out liking them, then disliking them, and finally detesting them.

I’m sitting in bed refusing to get up and start another day with the same mind crunching routine which I’ve fallen into of late.  I first wake up slowly out of odd and strange dreams which usually amuse me, but not today. I make a bathroom pit stop, feed the cat, get my coffee, and return to the bed with my IPad.  As I begin writing I’m also thinking about my work list for the day and cringe a little.  After ten minutes I return to the kitchen for another cup of coffee and more visualization of the tasks ahead of me.

The room remodel has taken over my days but is much c.loser to completion than this time last week.  Ninety percent of the drywall has been installed with the final sheets in place by this coming Friday.  Then it’s a few days of sanding, priming,  painting, putting up the new fixtures, wall plugs, light switches and baseboards and then DONE.

In order to complete these kinds of projects you really must have the proper motivation or it could stall and never be completed.  That’s the job of my better-half. I’ve called her many things over the years but for right now she’s my motivator.  Part of her skill set is knowing just when to tweak my nose about things to restart my engines and then haughtily walk away pretending she doesn’t care in the least.  Some people might call that passive-aggressive, but not me. I call that motivation with a twist. For example I hear things like this, "Oh honey the room is really shaping up and the drywall looks amazing.  It always surprises me that you are able to do this work as well as you do. It looks like there’s a bit of a gap between those two sheets.  Is it supposed to be that wide? Will it make the drapes I just bought look like their hanging crooked? Don’t forget to fix that before we start painting."  And so it goes!

She has no subtlety at all.  She started a week ago arriving home from her shopping trips with questions about what furnishings would look best in the new room.  What kind of older, cool looking vanity she would purchase for her huge collection of makeup and lotions.  She dragged me out one day to just visit a few stores for an hour or so.   I ended up looking at throw rugs and other assorted furnishings for the new room.  She’s about as subtle as a hand grenade.

Regardless of all the gamesmanship the room will be completed at least two weeks ahead of schedule.  Hooray for me because I’ve been assured and promised there would be no more major projects until next Fall.  The translation of that promise is actually this, "Honey, I think the living room is looking too peachy. I’m really sick of that color and maybe we should change it out before any of the summer guests arrive.  What do you think?

Like I said, subtle!

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