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11/18/2022 “Miscellaneous Truths”   2 comments

I am feeling extremely miscellaneous today. Here are 15 miscellaneous truths that you didn’t know you wanted to know. Enjoy!

  • Mount Baker in Washington state is the world record holder for the most snowfall in one season. In the winter of 1998-99, the ski resort recorded 1140 inches of snow.
  • The first chalkboard for classroom use was recorded in 1714.
  • The first read recorded e-mail was sent in 1972.
  • Rod Stewart once dug graves for a living.
  • Beginning with Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, footballs used in the big game have been marked with synthetic DNA to prevent sports-memorabilia fraud. Souvenirs from the 2000 Summer Olympics were also marked with human DNA in the ink.

  • The last letter added to the English alphabet was “J”.
  • A typical American family goes through approximately 6000 pounds of food in any given year.
  • Prior to James Madison, US presidents wore knee britches instead of long pants.
  • A Twinkie contains 60% air.
  • The original name of the game volleyball was “mintonette”. It was created in 1895 when a YMCA gym teacher borrowed from basketball, tennis, and handball to create a new game.

  • Thomas Morgan and Elizabeth Caerleon were married for 81 years. When she died on January 19, 1891, their aggregate age was 209 years, 262 days.
  • Englishman were once legally barred from witnessing childbirth.
  • The stripes on a tigers face are used for identification, since no two tigers sport the same stripe pattern.
  • The first fairy tale adapted into cartoon by Walt Disney was Little Red Riding Hood, released in 1922.
  • Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner to the tune of an 18th-century British drinking song.


09/077/2022 Trivial Trivia   Leave a comment

Today’s a good day for miscellaneous nonsense. A few odd and weird truths that you may not have heard before.

  • An average McDonald’s Big Mac bun has 178 sesame seeds.
  • The “spa” dates back almost 2000 years to when Roman soldiers, marching home from battle, stopped overnight in a Belgian village that had hot mineral springs. The town name “Spa”,became a popular resting spot for Roman soldiers returning from battle.
  • John Lennon was the first person to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
  • Manhattan is about half the size of Disney World.
  • A caterpillar has nearly 5 to 6 times as many muscles in his body as a human.
  • Domino’s has marketed a reindeer sausage pizza in Iceland.
  • An average office chair moves a total of roughly 8 miles over the course of the year.

  • Princess Diana appeared on the cover of People magazine more than 50 times.
  • The chili and the frijole are the official vegetables of the state of New Mexico.
  • Blondes typically have more individual hairs on their heads than brunettes. Redheads have the fewest of the three.
  • The launch of the shuttle Discovery was once delayed after woodpeckers pecked holes in the spacecraft’s foam insulation. Decoy plastic owls, purchased at Walmart, deterred the woodpeckers and solved the problem.
  • Tickets to the very first Super Bowl sold for $12 – and that was for the most expensive seat.


01-19-2016 Journal – January Blahs!   Leave a comment

Maine has finally found it’s typical winter weather. No more warmth, no more green anything, just ice, snow, frigid cold, and nothing much else in sight for at least another three months.  Just great . . .

Now that the holidays have come and gone and things have calmed down a little we can now ready ourselves for the next fiasco, Valentine’s Day. I won’t go into my normal rant about crappy made-up holidays but I’m not too excited by it. I was hoping the Super Bowl might get me interested in something but since my team was crushed by Denver . . . .  who cares.

This time of the year wears on a person like nothing else. Too much time to think and to reexamine your life and the prospects for the future. I have to say even that gets boring as hell after a while.  Right in the middle of all of this I received news of the passing of a good friend.  He was my ex-brother-in-law and a kindred spirit for almost twenty years.  I always admired him for his intellect, his terrific sense of humor, and his competitive spirit. My divorce separated me from my ex-wife and unfortunately for me I lost contact with him and his family as well. There was very little I could do about it.

In recent years he’d been suffering from illnesses that finally took his life. It was a huge loss for his wife, children, and grand children and for me as well. Just one more thing to think about on these gray and cold days of winter.

I’m forced to fall back on my sketching and painting to keep my mind right. I know it’s getting bad when I’m starting to get excited about having my car inspected in February.


05-17-2013   Leave a comment

It’s not unusual these days to hear people from other countries constantly complaining about America, Americans, and everything else American.  We’re too loud, we’re too arrogant, we’re bullies, and on and on it goes.  After continuously hearing all of that I then wonder why it is that so many of the same people from every nation on the planet would die to come here.  Many hundreds of illegals have died in the deserts of northern Mexico just trying to cross the border to get here.

I always assume that money is the motivation for everything as well as political persecution but both of those things can be avoided by fleeing to many other countries besides the United States. Why then does everyone want to be here?  As I lounged in my bed this morning a thought came to me that might explain it.  As you know many countries have an odd assortment of traditions and customs that are truly weird and strange to us.  I think many of our traditions are equally strange to them.  They can’t seem to understand why we do certain things but they want to experience them with us.  I’ve put together a list of ten things we Americans do that even I don’t understand.  Lets take a look at them.

  • Black Friday Shopping Sprees – My better-half and hundreds of thousands of others religiously participate in this insanity.  I know that she and I will never spend Black Friday together unless I bow to this tradition.
  • Presidential Turkey Pardons – This is so lame it’s embarrassing to admit that it’s true.  Eat the freaking bird and be done with it. So freaking dumb!
  • Gay Pride Parades -  I can’t think of any reason why these are necessary at all.  Maybe we need a Heterosexual Pride Parade every so often where we can get crazy and half-naked and make complete fools of ourselves.  Oh wait, I forgot we have Spring Break for that.
  • Tailgate Parties – This is just a further extension of the nations sports obsession.  These get togethers continue to get more ridiculous every year but it’s something the Food channel can’t survive without.
  • Cow Tipping – This is reported to be a true American tradition from the Midwestern part of the country.  I’ve never seen it done nor have I ever participated in cow tipping.  It’s just another reason to give the folks living in farm country a hard time.  Funny but unverified.
  • Punkin Chunkin – I’ve watched this on TV a few times but really didn’t think it was much of a tradition until two years ago.  My better-half and I were riding around enjoying the pretty Fall colors when we came upon dozens of cars parked near a farmers field.  People were standing around in groups watching some locals chunking pumpkins across the field.  Every time one exploded everyone cheered. Why, I have no freaking idea.
  • Watching Super Bowl Commercials – I have many more friends who watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials rather than the game itself.  Go figure!
  • Roadside Death Shrines -  Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of these shrines built by friends and family of people killed in traffic accidents.  Again, I don’t understand the need to build a shrine along some road.  Some are really unbelievable.  I saw one near my home that had it’s own decorated Christmas Tree.
  • Sensationalism -  Everything in this country is sensationalized.  Crimes of the Century, Games of the Century, Storms of the Century, and anything else you can think of.  If it isn’t the biggest and baddest in history it just isn’t worth mentioning.  This is one tradition we could do without.
  • Ground Hog Day Predictions -  This is so stupid I really thought about not mentioning it at all.  So consider it not mentioned.

Come one! Come all!   All you crazy folks from around the globe.  It’s taken America more than two hundred years but we finally developed and celebrate as many weird and stupid things as the people in your homeland do.  You should fit right into this looney-bin we call America.  So come on down.

02-03-2013   2 comments

Don’t you just love the month of February?  We get to celebrate Ground Hog Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Valentines Day, and of course this year, Super Bowl Sunday. I wish I had all of the money spent preparing for and the celebration of a stupid football game.  Do I sound like a sports hater?  I’m not exactly sure but I think I just may be one.  

I played a great deal of sports in my life and thoroughly enjoyed all of those activities.  I had a great deal of success in my endeavors with Little League Baseball, Pony League Baseball, High School Baseball, Basketball and Football, American Legion Baseball, Semi-Pro Baseball, Racquetball, Bowling, and others I’ve probably forgotten.  I’m not bragging but trying to show many of the reasons why I should be a screaming and hollering fanatic for all sports. Why is it that that watching sports except for possibly Little League Baseball is like getting my teeth drilled without Novocain.

As a younger man I often got caught up in following the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers and considered myself a loyal fan.  That being said, I hate watching their games even when they’re winning.  I’ve never been  able to admit my dislike of watching sports because my father would have disowned me.  He was an avid fan of most sports and was quite the accomplished athlete in his own right.

So why?  I’ve only mentioned football because of all the Super Bowl hoop-la over the last week or so.  My better-half who in truth is a fan, a fan of the parties and get-togethers, and interaction with her friends but only a so-so fan of the sport.  I think the great majority of fans are just like her.

I’m reminded of our addiction as a society to sports every time I watch an episode of Spartacus.  I suppose the human race has advanced from the Roman’s version of the Super Bowl held at the Coliseum where gladiators killed Christians, animals, and themselves in great numbers. With crowds of thousands cheering, betting, and orgying their hearts out. They called it then “bread and circuses” which allowed the political caste to maintain control over the great unwashed.

Do you see any similarities?  These days we make it possible for our gladiators, the biggest and strongest of us, to be paid great sums of money to punish themselves and many times damage themselves critically.  The money and glory, as in Rome, were all that ever mattered.  Does that ring a bell for you? It not such an honorable profession when you see a super successful man like Mike Webster, formerly of the four time Super Bowl winning Steelers, suffering from amnesia, dementia, depression, and acute bone and muscle pain after his retirement. He lived out of his pickup truck or in train stations for years between Wisconsin and Pittsburgh.  Webster’s wife finally divorced him six months before his death in 2002. He was only 50 years old.

Of course, Webster was responsible for his own decisions but in my opinion the system was responsible for the pressures of money, fame, performance enhancers, and steroid use that ultimately destroyed him.  Unfortunately he’s not alone.

Maybe that’s what makes celebrating these sports so difficult for me.

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