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10/16/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

Said a lecherous fellow named Shea,

When his prick would not rise for a lay:

“You must seize it, and squeeze it,

And tease it, and please it.”

Adding: ” Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

10/16/2021 Day Five – Lavatory Trivia   Leave a comment


  • The most impossible item to flush is a ping-pong ball.
  • The first toilet air freshener was a pomegranate stuffed with cloves.
  • Psycho was the first Hollywood film that showed a toilet flushing – thereby generating many complaints.
  • The idea of separate cubicles for toilets is a relatively modern invention; Romans, for example, sat down together in large groups.
  • The town Council of Cheltenham Spa once voted to replace the words Men and Women on their public toilets with Ladies and Gentlemen in order to” attract a better class of person.”
  • Before the invention of toilet paper, people use shells or stones, bunches of herbs or, at best, a bit of sponge attached to a stick, which they rinsed with cold water.
  • Hermann Goring refused to use regulation toilet paper and used to bulk-buy soft white handkerchiefs instead.
  • In 1986, Nathan Hicks of St. Louis, Missouri, shot his brother Herbert dead because he used six toilet rolls in two days.
  • The world’s oldest piece of toilet paper – thought to be 1200 years old – was found buried under an Israeli garage.
  • And last but not least, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, and Lenny Bruce all died on the toilet.


“You know that it is by the state of the lavatory that a family is judged.” (Pope John XXIII)

This completes my first Trivia Week. I hope everyone enjoyed this bizarre collection of facts as much as I did collecting them. I may have to do this again in the future because I have many more of these tidbits to share.


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10/15/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

There was a young stud from Missouri

Who screwed with astonishing fury,

Till taken to court

For his vigorous sport,

And condemned by a poorly hung jury.

10/15/2021 Day Four – Misc. Trivia   Leave a comment


  • In 1679, Messrs. Green, Barry and Hill were hanged at Tyburn for a murder they committed at Greenberry Hill.
  • Melanie Griffith has a tattoo of a pear on her butt.
  • And not to be outdone, Anna Kournikova has the tattoo of the sun on her butt.
  • Andrew Jackson (1829-37) once killed a man in a duel because he insulted his wife.
  • John Quincy Adams (1825-29) used to take a swim in the Potomac River every morning naked.
  • Jimi Hendrix lost his virginity at age 12.
  • Mark Twain lost his virginity at age 34.


  • “There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice.”
  • “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”
  • “Education is what you must acquire without any interference from your schooling.”
  • “Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.”
  • “Familiarity breeds contempt . . . and children.”


  • Dolly Parton insured her breasts for $3 million.
  • Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, insured his legs for $40 million.
  • Tina Turner insured her lips for $1 million and her breasts for $750,000.
  • Bruce Springsteen insured his voice for $5 million.
  • Jennifer Lopez insured her entire body for 1 billion dollars.


10/14/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

A pretty young maiden named Flo

Said “I hate to be had in the snow,

While I’m normally hot,

In this spot I’m not –

So, as soon as you come Bert, lets go!”

10/14/2021 Day Three – Misc. Trivia   Leave a comment

I know a lot of you celebrity lovers will be interested in the Oscar section, These trivia facts are laced with the names of so-called celebrities just for your enjoyment. Here we go . . .


  • Harry Houdini was the first man to fly a plane in Australia – in 1918.
  • Barbra Streisand’s first performance was as a chocolate chip cookie.
  • Groucho Marx ate his first bagel at the age of 81.
  • The first ready-to-eat breakfast cereal was Shredded Wheat in 1893.
  • Steven Spielberg directed the very first episode of Columbo.
  • Courtney Cox was the first person on U.S. TV ever to use the word period – in an ad for Tampax.


  • The only actress to win an Oscar for less than 10 min. work: Judi Dench, who was on screen for only 8 min. in Shakespeare in Love (1998)
  • The only actress to win a Best Actress Oscar in a foreign language: Sophia Loren for Two Women (1961)
  • The only posthumous acting Oscar was won by: Peter Finch for Network (1976)
  • The only actors to get seven acting nominations without ever winning a single Oscar: Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton


  • Orson Welles and Yule Brenner both died on 10/10/85.
  • The only mother and daughter to be nominated for Oscars in the same year: Diane Ladd and her daughter, Laura Dern, for Rambling Rose (1991)
  • Sammy Davis Junior and Jim Henson both died on 05/16/90.
  • Freddie Mercury and Klaus Kinski both died on 11/24/91.


10/13/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

“I cannot be bothered with drawers,”

Insists one of our better-known whores;

“There isn’t much doubt

I do better without

In conducting my everyday chores.”

10/13/2021 Day Two – Friday 13th   Leave a comment

Are you the superstitious type? If I’m being truthful, I may upon occasion have paid some attention to one or two of the sillier superstitions. I hate to admit that but it’s ingrained into our consciousness about certain things and it can be hard to shake regardless of how stupid it sounds. I’ve never been one to fear the number “13” or Friday the 13th” but I know many people who are. So here is some additional information concerning that mystical number and the day Friday. Enjoy!

  • The fear the number 13 – or ” triskaidekaphobia” as it’s technically known, goes back a long way. Accordingly to Scandinavian mythology, there was a banquet in Valhalla into which Loki (the God of Strife) intruded, thereby making it 13 guests, and where Balder (The God of Light) was murdered. In Christian countries the superstition was confirmed by thirteen people attending the Last Supper.
  • Meanwhile, “Friday the 13th” is considered unlucky because it was the day of the crucifixion and because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit on a Friday and also died on Friday.
  • Some Buddhists and Brahmins also consider Friday to be unlucky. In combining superstitions about both Friday and the number 13, Friday the 13th is feared as being twice as frightful.
  • Winston Churchill, the former British prime minister, never traveled on a Friday the 13th unless it was absolutely essential.
  • Graham Chapman, the late member of the Monty Python team, actually like Friday the 13th. Indeed, he arranged to be buried on the 13th hour of Friday, October 13, 1989.
  • Good things that have happened on a Friday the 13th include these: The Third Man premiered (January 1950), the Allies recaptured Tobruk (November 1942), and Alfred Dreyfus was restored to the French army and promoted to major (July 1906).
  • Bad things that have happened on a Friday the 13th included these: a violent earthquake in Turkey that killed more than 1000 people (March 1992), a hurricane in Britain left 9 people dead (January 1984), and a plane crash left survivors stranded in the Andes without food and compelled them to turn to cannibalism to stay alive (October 1972).
  • Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th.
  • People who were born on a Friday the 13th include Steve Buscemi, Zoe Wanamaker, Howard Keel and Christopher Plummer.
  • People who have died on Friday the 13th include Benny Goodman and former U.S. Vice President Hubert Humphrey.

Day 2 of Trivia Week is complete. Be grateful that this weeks Friday falls on the 15th. Your safe until May 13, 2022, then watch out!


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10/12/2021 ***Limerick Alert***   Leave a comment

My dear, you looked simply divine,

And I know that we’ll get along fine;

For making ends meet

Will be such a treat,

When one end is yours and one mine.

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10/12/2021 Day One – Misc. Trivia   Leave a comment

It’s time for another giant pile of flaming and utterly useless information. As you already know I’ve always been a huge fan of trivia thats unusual, odd, or strange. I’ve collected this information from books, e-mails, notes from friends, and anywhere else I could find it. I hope you enjoy them and find them as interesting and fun as I did.

  • New foreskins discarded after circumcision are sold to biomedical companies for use in artificial skin manufacture. They are also used as the secret ingredient in some popular anti-wrinkle gels.
  • Lettuce contains 2 to 10 parts of morphine per billion.
  • To see a rainbow you must have your back to the sun.
  • You can tell the temperature by listening to the chirp of a cricket. For the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, count the number of chirps in 15 seconds and then add 37.
  • A calorie is the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 g of water by 1°C. A gallon of gasoline contains 31,000 K calories, or the equivalent of 46.3 happy meals.
  • Bubblegum is pink because it’s creator Walter Diemer, a Fleer employee, had only pink coloring left when he mixed up his first successful batch.
  • The fly of your jeans is the flap of cloth over the zipper, not the zipper itself.
  • The term cop most likely derives from the British police acronym for Constable On Patrol.
  • There are more Subway sandwich shops in Manhattan than there are actual subway stations.
  • Henry Ford, Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, and Paul Revere were all clock makers at one point in their lives.
  • When Thomas Edison died in 1941, Henry Ford captured his last breath in a bottle.
  • The first item sold on eBay (then called the auction web) was a broken laser pointer that sold for $14 at the time, more than the cost of a new one.
  • The term “the whole 9 yards” dates from World War II. When fighter pilots armed airplanes, the 50 caliber machine gun ammunition belts loaded into the fuselage measured exactly 27 feet. If a pilot fired all his ammo at one target, it got “the whole 9 yards”.
  • On average, women utter 7000 words a day; men manage just over 2000.


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